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This is a library/wiki/community dedicated to music games (aka game pieces or composition games).

Music games

What is a "music game"? — A set of rules that control players to spontaneously create music. Usually great fun!

In the area of music games you can find many influences and approaches, from experimental music, board game design, theatre improv, pedagogy and others. Each and every one is welcome here. We believe that music games can be much more popular if there was a central place to find, learn about, and even collectively create them. Hence 'Games For Music'.

What happens here

Communities like this can not thrive and continue without you. So please have a look around. Try out some games. Ask questions, give suggestions or start discussions. We'd love for you to contribute some games you have created. Everything else is also editable for all members.

Membership is free. We don't plan to prohibitively monetize this page behind any paywall (if you see an ad, it's from wikidot itself, and logged-in users don't see them). Hopefully the page will be useful to all who would like to promote their music game related events or creations.

The beginnings

'Games For Music' was created in March 2018 by two music game designers (odolany & notrightmusic) who are both active in setting up music game meetings (right now you can participate in these if you are in Poland or USA, Pennsylvania [hopefully coming back after the pandemic]). In the early stages of the page, historical entries in the library were filled thanks to the help of Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen from International Improvised Music Archive.

Using Games for Music

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