Entitled Piece

One of the least restrictive activities that you might find on this wiki and the first one that might deserve to be called "meta-".


Having a random book at hand might be useful. And (for a given variant) paper and utensils to write title suggestions.

Gameplay instructions

Main player's task is to invent a piece with a given title. Title to work with can be provided by the audience (more fun) or selected from a randomly opened book (less silliness) or otherwise. The inventor chooses players and instruments for the performance of his/her tune.

Gamemaster's notes

You can have whole meetings dedicated to playing only this one game for many times. At multi-game jams it's a good idea to provide a person with a title just before a break and later play the results of his/her efforts as a first piece after the break.

The most important thing for the inventor to specify is how the piece should end. Without that in mind results of this game tend to be quite long and often monotonous. Sometimes pieces themselves take a form of a game and the idea might be worth further development.


At Lub/Lab jams in Warsaw, every person wrote a proposed title on a card when entering a venue and put it in a jar. Title was to be connected to the main general theme of that day's meeting. Main player was given a random card, and after a performance people that didn't play were trying to guess the title.

Here is an example of a piece called "Puberty" from the meeting under the theme "Turning point".

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