Evolution of music



The music of this game gradually develops whether you believe it or not.


If there are many players, this game will require free movement around the playing area. Additional arrangements can be made to proceed with less mobile instruments.

Set up

Agree about five stages of musical development and write them down. These should depend on your skill and musical preferences (this might be the best order: 1, 5, 3, 2, 4). The example below is intentionally exaggerated not to spoil the fun of inventing your very own evolution process.

1) Silence
2) Letter 's' spoken
3) Simple and slow sounds of your instrument
4) Soft rock
5) Symphonic death metal

Not that both level 1 and level 5 should give players a lot of freedom or otherwise let them easily stay on that level for an extended amount of time in comparison to other stages.

Gameplay instructions

All players start at level 1, and will always follow the instruction for their current level. They use eye contact or walk around to meet in pairs where they play a part of rock-paper-scissors (you can have a rest in making music at that moment, but generally spend more time playing music than r-p-s). If the player wins, upgrades to a higher level of "musical evolution" and changes the played music to the one from the next stage. If player loses, downgrades, unless on level 1. Ties mean that both players advance.

Game end

The final evolution step means that a player will not downgrade anymore, but he or she should engage in 'duels' if decides to continue the game. Now the player has an option to end the game by tapping-out other players (or gestures). The game might end as soon as the first player escapes the evolution or continue until all players join at the final level.

Gamemaster's notes

You might need to agree in advance on exact procedure for rock-paper-scissors.

As always try to make everything musical, especially together with a pair that you just dueled.

This is an adaptation of a game from improvisational theatre.

Please, do not play Nirvana at the highest level of development ;) (this joke is made here so you don't have to).

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