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A basic kit to make a Fluxus festival. A workshop proposition for a historical overview of this artistic movement. Possible Fluxconcert.


Print out the event scores from a provided selection and cut them out.
Fluxus event scores

For best results, have these items available:

  • box of matches, cigarette (one, just in flux-06, won't be lit);
  • balloons, thick string/thin rope, soap, hat;
  • sheets of paper, markers, pencils, eraser, envelope;
  • bell, semi-disposable violin (toy quality is ok);
  • natural straws, soil, bottle of water;
  • hard-boiled eggs, lemons (check price — prepare to sell them);
  • metal bowl, spoon, knife, plastic cup (a cup will often replace a glass).

If you can't provide some of the above, you will need to adjust the set of event scores.
Try to leave a possibility of using fire or water — there is a strong connection here.
You may need chairs to sit and a piece of painting foil or other means of surface protection.


Deal three random event scores to every participant.

Gameplay instructions

First 10 minutes: Everyone chooses one of the given event scores and prepares to perform it or talk others into performing it with them or for them.

Then: First round of performances (duration impossible to estimate).

Second phase: Participants that didn't use any of their event scores can now draw a new set of three or stay with their previous ones. This time they will choose one event and present it's instruction to the whole group (usually read, pass or display). After the presentation, anyone may proceed to perform, or the performance is skipped.

Game end

For the final round give three or more time-spots for participants to propose performances of their own in the style of Fluxus events.

Gamemaster's notes

In the print-out, the scores are numbered. To access the single score directly (for example for display) you can use a link:
musicgames.wikidot.com/sub:flux-[score number, 2 digits], for example http://musicgames.wikidot.com/sub:flux-01.

About the selection

A set of scores is good for casual uses, but within the workshop context, the leader might want to provide talking points during all of the process that highlight common themes and influence on modern music (the content and tone left at leader's discretion). The best place for this is the second phase, when a score will be presented to the whole group. You can provide information while encouraging to perform.

Regarding the specific selection there are considerations as for it's representativeness, as the chosen event scores were rather:

  • performable and musically influenced (not purely conceptual or absurdist)
  • not-too-edgy (no eroticism, flux-14 has associations though; only "soft" Danger music like flux-18)
  • with a bias towards the 60's for the most "historical" examples (tending a bit towards "celebrity" pioneers which is by the way against the very Fluxus ideals of organic work and semi-anonimity…)
  • max. 3 from a single author (not proportional as for productivity or prominence)
  • simple (max. 5 phases and most often just one phase)
  • efficient in using the props (two scores were reduced in that regard with an elipse "[…]")


The scores were taken from The Fluxus Performance Workbook edited by Ken Friedman, Owen Smith and Lauren Sawchyn. The copyright notice is nicely liberal, but might be important for your usage:

The works in The FluxusPerformanceWorkbook are copyright by Fluxus and by the individual artists. Dates indicate the year of publication and copyright. All rights are reserved. Work may be reproduced and performed provided that credit is given to the artists and to Fluxus. Any program or presentation of these works in live or broadcast performance or in reproduction must be identified as a 'Fluxconcert' when Fluxus events are more than 50% of the programme.


The (semi-anonymous) author of the proposition above is not part of Fluxus and the proposed activity is not recognized by any of Fluxus past or current members/affiliates.

Editor's notes

The Fluxus scores will now be successively included and soon will be linked. 40-50 items planned.

Photo used for decoration: fluxus by Samuel Huron, CC BY-NC-ND

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