An engaging way of seeding the constraints for the improvised piece.


This activity plays with the roles of Audience and Performers as separate. If you don't have a stage, consider adjusting the space accordingly, so there is an area dedicated for performers.


Assume the roles of ~3 Players and more people serving the role of the make-believe Audience (proportions depending on the number of participants).

Gameplay instructions

Core part of the process is the starting make-believe arrangement when all participants (in their roles as Audience or Performers) discuss the work as if it already happened. Options include reflections, praise, questioning, reveals etc.

Game end

The second and final phase is for Players to perform the work that was so vividly received before.

Editor's notes

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Générique is an activity intended for use with broader performance field (not only music) and it comes from: http://everybodystoolbox.net (the URL is probably a proper license attribution, although it's not specified clearly). On the page you may find more suggestions, especially for using the activity in the staged context with an actual audience. Here is a (minimally edited) characterization of the activity from its proponents:

Générique is an open-source performance project, which develops depending on the interest and investment of a variety of performers. It is based on a game structure that nurtures make-belief and collective creativity […] Générique means "generic" in French, as well as the credits at the end of a movie. The performance is characterized by those who perform it.

Générique is similar to some activities from improvisational theatre, like "Press Conference" or other games based on endowment. Interestingly, it may be used not only for coming up with a new work, but also to guide interpretation of existing works, it may even serve as an additional constraint when playing other music games.

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