The Impersonator


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Impersonate someone. The band interprets your impersonating movements into music. After one minute people try to guess who you were impersonating. Create interesting music and enjoy impersonating to have someone guess who it is. Fun for the whole world!

Gameplay instructions

Two kinds of people in this game:

  • The players — interpret impersonator’s movements into music
  • The impersonator — conducts the players with movements by impersonating someone.

One person is chosen to be the first impersonator, who then secretly thinks of a well-known person everyone knows.

Set a timer for 1 minute. Act out the person (without any vocalizing). The players musically play the impersonated actions. When one minute is up stop impersonating.

Any players who think they know who the person is raise their hands. The impersonator picks someone with a hand up. If wrong — pick another person. Continue picking players until you find the right answer. The person with the right answer becomes the new impersonator and starts a new round. The old impersonator joins the players in the semicircle in front of the impersonator. If no-one figures out the right answer the impersonator loses, picks a new impersonator, and joins the players.

Remember there are two goals to this game:

  1. to have someone guess who’s being impersonated
  2. to create interesting music/sounds.

Keep both equally in mind at all times!

Game end

Continue until everyone has had at least one chance to be the impersonator.

Gamemaster's notes

Tips on impersonating:

  • It might help to overemphasize some moments and gestures (similar to comedians).
  • You could use some conducting cues while impersonating. Think how you can use movements to conduct the music. But, movements related to the person in question!

It could also help to do some movement conducting as a warmup before you start playing the game, Movement for Ears style. Each person takes turns, a minute or so each, to freely conduct all the players by body movement. Get a feel for it. See what kind of body movements you can do and what musical responses you get from the players.


Instead of impersonating try doing actions for people movements — like using a computer, playing tennis, using the toilet!


Marcus Staniec (notrightmusic)

alias: The Impersonator

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