A great little game for anyone from kids to seasoned musicians! The first player plays something, then the next person plays a variation of that, and it continues until it reaches the leader. A new leader then comes in and continues the fun!


Players are to be in a circle facing each other. Choose a leader to start.

Gameplay instructions

The leader starts by playing something four beats long. This is called an β€œevent”. Then the player to the right of the leader will then pick up on it and repeat the event immediately after the leader finishes - but with one small variation. Afterwards the next person to the right does the same thing, adding his/her variation. Repeat this pattern until it reaches the leader.

When the turn comes back to the leader, every player plays loud noises together for four beats. Then the person to the right of the leader becomes the new leader. The new leader starts a new event, again 4 beats.

Game end

The game continues until every player gets to be a leader. The end.

Gamemaster's notes

  • For most people this game works best using all percussion.
  • I find it helps to have the first leader do a 4 beat count in.
  • Start with a slow or medium tempo.


  • If you want to play longer: After every player had a chance to be the leader, the original leader can count off at a faster tempo for round 2. Starting with a new event, but faster. Try as many rounds as possible, playing faster each time, until someone completely messes up. Then it’s game over.
  • When coming back to the original leader instead of everyone making noise you can have everyone play a prepared 4 beat motif. A melody, percussive rhythmic pattern, or vocal chant for example.


Marcus Staniec (notrightmusic)

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