Mood Guessing



Everyone thinks of a mood. Keep the moods secret. Improvise together. Everyone playing their own moods. At the end try to guess each other's moods.


Discuss or write down a list of moods. Everyone secretly picks one mood.
Depending on a context, you may need to agree on a person observing the timer and the signal to end.

Gameplay instructions

Group improvises with everyone musically interpreting their secret mood. Remember, you don’t have to always be playing. Try to listen to others.

Game End

Ends with a timer; the suggested duration is 8 minutes.

Gamemaster's notes

Here’s a list that you could use. Choose 10 for a small sized group, more for anything bigger. Be careful, some are harder than others!

Aggravated / Alone / Angry / Anxious / Ashamed / Bitchy / Blissful / Bored / Calm / Chaotic / Cheerful / Confused / Curious / Dark / Defensive / Delusional / Depressed / Disappointed / Dorky / Drunk / Energetic / Excited / Fearful / Flirty / Forgetful / Giddy / Guilty / Happy / Heartbroken / High / Holy / Hopeful / Hungry / Intense / Jealous / Lazy / Lost / Loved / Moody / Morbid / Numb / Paranoid / Patient / Sad / Scared / Sick / Silly / Smart / Sorry / Surprised / Tired / Uncomfortable / Unwanted / Violated / Worthless


If you have enough players (15+), here's an optional easier variant for you. Create small teams - one mood for each team. One team plays for 5 minutes with the other players watching. When finished the watchers guess the mood. The next team goes next, and so on.

Game Designer

Marcus Staniec (notrightmusic)

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