Hot potato for music. You don't have to play much at once, but you can make something collectively.


Depending on a chosen form, you might need instruments that are able to produce very short sounds.

Set up

For this game it's best to stay in the circle.

Gameplay instructions

Basic version of this game lets each player make just one sound per turn in even rhythm. The tempo should slowly speed up so that mistakes are after some time inevitable. When someone falls off the beat, he or she is removed from the game for this round.

As it's a free-form, you can go with it in many ways, let everyone play the same sound or stay on the scale. Mix things up with changing direction or playing not one by one but every two or every three people in the circle. More examples will be added here, but it's always a good idea to come up with some variants of your own!

See also

Notice that in their most reduced forms this game becomes an equivalent of Melody-go-round. The focus of this game is more about "how to pass" a one-sound event between players and Melody-[…] develops the shape of events to pass around.

Video (inspiration)

Musically you can also aim for something like a moody spatial piece of The Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists. This game may sound busy, rushed and sharp in a basic form, but it can also have some nice and sweet versions…

Editor's note

Photo used for decoration: "painfully banal" by ant (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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