Rotary Jam


Jamming, but only two people play their main instrument.


A surpluss of percussion is useful for this.


Stay in the circle. Agree on two starting players that stay beside one another.

Gameplay instructions

Play improvised music in the style of your choice, but with only two players at the time using their main instrument, while the rest switches to a piece of percussion or even body percussion.

The length of playing by one pair is decided by the person next in line (considering clockwise). When the next player joins, one latter player from the pair stops playing. Such pairings are then continued around the circle.

Game end

Musically, at will. But make at least one full circle first.

Editor's notes

A game from Auki Podcast.


  • Change number of "active" players
  • Agree that anyone can become the active player (adjustments on the fly)


Benedict Johnson

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