Wiki contributions

Adding new games

There are two ways of adding new game to a wiki. The simplest way is to describe it after starting with a title here:

This will be seen in the library as a free-form game.

If you know your game well and can already specify amount of players, difficulty level and other useful information about the game, use this form:

Our library lets users sort such well-defined games by a few criteria.

In both cases tags will have to be added separately after the page is created.

Adding other content than games

If you want to share a music review, book review or any other content related in some way to music games, enter the title of new page here:

But remember, that as it is a wiki, all the content might be changed in the future by other contributors, so it's best not to write very opinionated texts.

Terms to the glossary:

Other contributions

You can contribute also without making new content, but by perfecting the existing one. Here are some helpful links:

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