Game Design for Composers workshop (online)

Discord workshop — 2021-05-30


This is a workshop that will start at 16:00 UTC and will last for about an hour + discussion.
Its main focus is how board game design methods might be applied to participatory open scores (as in contemporary, experimental music).
It will be held at the Discord server of community. Come to #workshop-voice if you participate in BMG already.

If you don't have Discord

  • Having a program is convenient, it's available here: (otherwise you can join through a browser) but you will certainly need a free account for it.
  • You will need access to specific location: a server.

BMG Server

  • To join the server, you will be able to use this link:
  • There are rules to read (anti-spam declaration) and please write there your preferred role: "Playtester for a workshop" (in text, and followed by "Enter" to send, please). You will get access to all channels of communication there and may consider yourself to be "registered for the workshop".

Joining the workshop
At the day of the workshop please use this link to join: and let's have a great discussion about the intriguing intersection between board games and contemporary music!

Please bring a chromatic instrument, and we'll play some! :) [we didn't play after all — technically the connection was not great]

If you have questions, please contact in the forums here, through Twitter @gamesformusic, or at moc.liamg|m4g.kaazi#moc.liamg|m4g.kaazi
[With this address you can also get the presentation (unpublishable otherwise) and agree on the date of the next workshop with your audience (totally free). ;) ]

30 May

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