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If you would like to make new game or modify existing one, here's a place for you
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The thread to gather feedback on a Zoom installation by Jennie Gottschalk.
by: odolanyodolany
15 Nov 2020 22:47
8 by BeneJBeneJ
07 Dec 2020 21:52 Jump!
This thread is for feedback and discussing the design and structure of Jennie Gottschalk's "Imagined Seconds" from
by: odolanyodolany
25 Feb 2019 23:46
10 by jennie_gjennie_g
15 Jul 2019 13:16 Jump!
At the Hut Meetings we started to test options a game based on noodling as drZdrowie with notrightmusic discussed in "Introduce yourself" thread.
by: odolanyodolany
09 Dec 2018 11:08
4 by odolanyodolany
29 Apr 2019 06:50 Jump!
I'd like to introduce a type of game I refer to as "Insert Games." I'll continue to expand on my thoughts about them here, so please feel free to join me.
by: notrightmusicnotrightmusic
06 Mar 2018 13:59
5 by notrightmusicnotrightmusic
01 Oct 2018 04:32 Jump!
...without hints of inner critiquing probably ;)
by: odolanyodolany
02 Jun 2018 20:41
4 by odolanyodolany
17 Jul 2018 05:54 Jump!
Game designing collaboration #2 Anyone is welcome to help out!
by: notrightmusicnotrightmusic
25 May 2018 05:34
5 by notrightmusicnotrightmusic
26 May 2018 16:34 Jump!
In the spirit of notrightmusic's idea of using forums for group designing, here's my request for cooperation.
by: odolanyodolany
12 May 2018 18:21
9 by notrightmusicnotrightmusic
25 May 2018 05:17 Jump!
One of the more complex and open games in the library is notrightmusic's Stay in Character. I propose this thread as a place for more in-depth and technical discussion about the game than maybe suitable for comments section, where things might and should get subjective and emotional. ;)
by: odolanyodolany
03 Apr 2018 17:07
12 by notrightmusicnotrightmusic
10 Apr 2018 11:04 Jump!
It's a transfer of private debate by notrightmusic and odolany about the level of openness preferable in rules of music games. It is indeed the matter of preference but discussion may still be fruitful.
by: odolanyodolany
05 Mar 2018 11:33
12 by notrightmusicnotrightmusic
03 Apr 2018 13:19 Jump!
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