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Noodle game
odolanyodolany 09 Dec 2018 11:08
in discussion Music games / Designing » Noodle game

Game flow was like that:
Throw 3 dice: small (d4?), big (d10?) and 12-tone (special) - 12-tone dice shows target pitch for all players, and two dice show legal intervals (amount of semitones).

Players travel with their melodies (game only for melodic instruments) to target pitch using only intervals allowed by dice and if they get there they stay at the target pitch repeating it until everyone achieves this task. Last person who gets to target pitch rolls three dice and the next turn starts.

Musical parts are interesting, coherent and usually not tonal. But the global and gaming aspect lacks a lot.
We didn't have an elegant way of providing doability of the task (you just could make a re-roll if intervals were not good for travelling to target pitch).
We didn't have any direction as for overall development and ending.

Noodle game by odolanyodolany, 09 Dec 2018 11:08

Not a success story this one. We were two with DrZdrowie with addition of one game for three players (with a person that came early for the next event in the Hut).
But it was a fruitful time of development, discussed the event-style game inspired by DrZdrowie's regular board game design currently in development and also had some tests of versions of Noodle Game, that showed up here earlier in the forums in conversation with notrightmusic - we will elaborate on this one in the /forum/c-3172501/designing section.

Re: Music Games in the Hut by odolanyodolany, 02 Dec 2018 21:37

16 more cards could form the next deck for more diversity.

Most of the pictures should be well connected to some sound characteristics, also these kind of sounds should not be similar.
A few can be more suggestive of moods without clear sounds tied to them. Here are some of my ideas:
breaking cup, church-like building, fireworks, forest, snakes, water tap, whales

do you have anything more that is easy to draw and might sound unique?

next generation ;) by odolanyodolany, 24 Nov 2018 16:24

We can get back any time to the previous focus (glossary) which is not super-great yet. But now let's have something a bit different:

Here is a "framework" to gather links and categorise them:

There are 6 categories that are added by tag, any ideas/need for more link categories?

Jazz, jazz
odolanyodolany 15 Nov 2018 20:42
in discussion Inspirations / Music » Jazz, jazz

I recently have occasion to listen to a lot of different music, and this one quite intrigued me:

Chick Corea solo at Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris .26-04-2018 has an interesting programme for music games seekers (and the famous piano virtuoso even uses the word "game"!):

He started with more less regular jazz pieces but included mashups (merging compositions together).

Then was the time for musical portraits (improvising "to" audience members)
after that duets (on one piano) with volunteers from the audience.

In the end a set of composed "childrens songs" and his greatest hit, Spain with call-and-response from the audience (to keep the games theme still kicking).

If you like games and jazz it's surely a worth two-hour listen.

Jazz, jazz by odolanyodolany, 15 Nov 2018 20:42


We had a small group of people (about 5), some of them were more into game aspects of the meeting and some would rather make music as it is viewed by a common sense but in the activities we found a meeting ground and had fun with games like Circle of 5, Musical Tetris, Democratic Chord Writing. We used our voices and switched instruments when the game required that. The most 'musical' of games was probably Democratic Chord Writing as we decide to improvise one by one on the created piece. Though the most exciting and challenging to keep the tempo was of course Musical Tetris. One of the players had an idea to bring (on the next meeting) an existing board game - Dixit and try to merge it with music, that should be fun :)

November meeting by KrzysztoffKrzysztoff, 13 Nov 2018 15:17

This text reveals to me even more tensions in music games than I considered before. I thought rules to be just about clarity, dry and technical. If they are to be prose, that's harder to combine than musical expression with algorithms.
Obviously it's not disencouraging, but a nice challenge. ;)

3-split (not only a game) by odolanyodolany, 04 Nov 2018 22:13

heads up for the change in the starting hour of november meeting. check it please if you plan to come.

Re: October meeting in the hut by odolanyodolany, 30 Oct 2018 23:14

I forgot to mention one new game/mechanics idea we tested. Choosing a short musical form known to everyone and filling it with on spot improv. I added one take of it to the soundcloud. Quite edgy but has potential imo.

Also, after that last tests I think Circle of 5 now deserves a publish as a beta (although with a version that itself was not yet exactly tested). Please comment if something needs clarification.

Re: October meeting in the hut by odolanyodolany, 20 Oct 2018 20:25


After the series of introductory inspire cards games, we went straight to development. Charades, Circle of 5 and Into the Labyrinth got some variations/improvements. We were also seeking a usage for 12-sided tempered dice.

For charades, questions remain: how much competition/cooperation for guessers? how much quoting/improv in music?

Much more working meeting than usual. Recreationally, Democratic Chord Writing and notrightmusic's Musical tetris still worked for us (and we play it at almost every gathering).

As it will be start of November, next meeting should be a bit themed. Halloween-like, or rather: ;)

October meeting in the hut by odolanyodolany, 15 Oct 2018 20:37

Here's a little taste of traditional Polish fiddle music for you :) Both examples are from central Poland.

I'm for a version where round-commander shows direction not state. But mostly for musical reasons.

What we can do next is to try out "public position" version (pawn on a board or sth). Players know where they are and just have to locate the walls. It still makes players memorize something but maybe with less multitasking.

Re: Dungeon Music! by odolanyodolany, 05 Oct 2018 20:47

I think it's still an open question whether other players must follow. It's somewhat tied to a problem with interpretation of current rules discussed in the Games in the Hut thread. I think that more plays are needed to iron that out because there's some tension between freedom of expression and game going smoothly. More freedom can lead to more confusion.

Re: Dungeon Music! by DrZdrowieDrZdrowie, 05 Oct 2018 14:35

The thing is that both interpretations (commands and state) are compatible with current ItL rules. I think both can be musically fruitful. The problem arises when different players act on different interpretations resulting in confusion especially for the state player trying to decode state which just isn't there. I don't see a clear winner when it comes to decide which interpretation to make the official one. The state-keeping seems easier to win with, while commands might be more interesting musically.

I know there's comment thread in the game wiki page, but it's hard to find. I wouldn't notice if odolany hadn't told me about in person.

Re: September Meeting by DrZdrowieDrZdrowie, 04 Oct 2018 09:41

You've been hard at work while I was away odolany! This is exciting to see. More stuff I must dig into.
I have a list of terms I'll add as well.
I'm working on a video about cue cards in improvisation. That would probably fit as both an article and a term.

EDIT: I see there already is a "Cue Card" article.
I found it through search. Where is it on the wiki?

Re: Development focus II by notrightmusicnotrightmusic, 01 Oct 2018 07:19

Dig it! Looking good! Thanks.

Re: Insert Games by notrightmusicnotrightmusic, 01 Oct 2018 04:32

Looks good, thanks for preparing everything. I'll use these for now.

Welcome meszka!
I agree, combine games and music and we get the best of both worlds. I guess you can include coding in there somewhere as well.
BTW, trad Polish fiddle sounds fascinating. I'd love to hear it.

Welcome Adalil!
I'm curious about your final project. If you can share some of it here that would be wonderful!

Interval Noodle Game!
We can use playing cards. 2 to 8 are intervals 2nd to an octave. King can be to flat the interval (ex. 3 + King = minor 3rd) and Ace is to keep it as a major or perfect interval (ex. 4 + Ace = perfect 4th). Players can play other intervals from the cards of other players if they share the same suit. The Kings and Aces cards are not counted. Ex. If player one has a 2 of Hearts and an Ace and I have a 6 of hearts and a King then both that other player and I can play both major 2nds and minor 6ths.
The cards can be dealt to the players before the game. 4 cards per player. 1 card can be played at a time anytime. With the King and Ace cards in a pile in front of all the players.
I don't know what we can do with the remaining cards: 9 / 10 / J / Q
Perhaps J and K can indicate ascending/descending intervals? Something like that?

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