Animal Sounds


players.png ~4-8
time.png 30 min

Choose an animal. Play an interpretation of it. Others try to guess what it is! A simple, but an extremely fun game that can be enjoyed by everyone from kids to adults!


Have all the players, or audience if you have a decent sized one, write down three different animals - one animal per one piece of paper.
When finished, everyone folds their papers and drops them into a hat (or bucket, or something).

Gameplay instructions

Choose a first player.
This player picks one piece of paper from the hat without looking.
Without showing anyone else the first player takes a look at the animal written on the paper.
Now the player must play something to represent the animal.
Everyone else must yell out guesses of what animal is being played.
If it’s hard to hear people yelling then stop playing to listen. Start playing again if the answer was wrong.
When the correct animal is guessed the player stops playing.

The winner now joins the first player but picks a new piece of paper. They both look at the animal and start playing.
Continue the same process, building the playing group, choosing different animals, until there’s one person left who didn’t guess correctly.

Now this round is over.
Everyone except for the person who didn’t guess gets a chip.

Choose a new first player and repeat the whole thing again.

Continue playing more rounds choosing a new first player each time until there are no new first players left.

Game end

Players count up their chips at the end to see who has the most chips. The one with the most chips wins!

If there’s a tie you could have the losers pick an animal and perform.
Whoever guesses right is the winner.


Repeated animals are fine. It's always nice to hear how different players, or combination of players, interpret repeated animals!


For a much simpler version: each player takes turns. Think of an animal and play an interpretation of it. Whoever guesses wins that round.

You can also try other topics besides animals. Human feelings for example.

Game Designer

Marcus Staniec (notrightmusic)

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