players.png ~1-?
time.png 5 min

Travel the apocalyptic connotations in this free improvisation game.


Print this page which will serve as a game board.


If you are beginner improvisers, we encourage you to agree on one of the end condition for the piece. These endings keep the music quite open, but simplify some decisions.

Gameplay instructions

Start at "apocalypse", follow arrows, play every stop at least once.

Game end

Here are our suggestions on how you can end the piece:
A. Don't agree on anything (as in the score, good for musicians-improvisers).
B. Go out one by one.
C. Try to end all at the same moment…
a. …individually at any spot you prefer.
b. …back at Apocalypse.
c. …right as you hit your last spot that you didn't visit before.


The a4-room has a recording for this game at: http://a4-room.com/apocalypse/


Girilal Baars (2013), published with kind permission from the author.

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