Democratic Chord Writing


players.png ~2-5
time.png 10 min

Game about harmony for 2 to 4 musicians with tonal or melodic instruments. Good as a tool for developing creativity in composition.


Decide on your exact process. There are two distinct phases in the game, playing and voting. Who and how will count in both these actions?

For 3 players, agree which player (with an able instrument) will play two sounds instead of one.

For even number of voters, agree on interpreting the even result (make it as "in favor" for your first game, it will be faster).

Gameplay instructions

In a round, every player will introduce 1 or 2 new sounds to the total of 4. This sounds will be played at once to form a 4-part chord. You then vote in favor or against this chord.

1) Play your four sounds at once (the sounds are chosen independently).
2) Vote if the chord stays.
3a) If the chord didn't stay, go back to 1)
3b) If the chord stays it's added to a progression.
4) Play your progression (all the sounds that stayed) and…
5) After the progression play four new sounds at once (chosen independently).
6) Vote.
6a) If you voted against the chord, your progression stays the same.
6b) If you voted in favor of the chord, add it to your progression.
7) Loop steps 4-7 until you have 4 chords in the progression.

Game end

Freely see what can you play with it, add solos, arrange the best rhythm or a bass line etc.

Video (with explanation)


You can have an Accompanist the provide the rhythm or you can establish a Conductor to show the moment of playing the sound (and maybe to break ties during voting). If needed, even more people can join the voting as Judges.

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