Musical Brouhaha


Look for your team in the crowd and make some noise!


For 32 to 140 players (must be a multiple of 4), plus a game master.


  • Print four copies of the instrument card sheet on heavy cardboard and cut the cards. You’ll have four cards each with 35 different instruments.
  • One blindfold for each player.

The game must be played on a vast surface, like a park, or a large room, with clearly defined limits. Since players will move around blindfolded, better chose a safe space.


  • Arrange the cards in different piles of four identical cards. Chose or take randomly enough series of four identical cards to have one card per player. Shuffle these cards.
  • Give each player one blindfold and one card.
  • Each player looks at their card without showing it to any other player.
  • Arrange the players so that they are all around the place. Each player puts their blindfold on.

Gameplay instructions

  • At the game master signal, players start moving around in the gaming place, trying to imitate the sound of their instrument.
  • The goal is to find the other members of your team, the players with the same instrument card. As soon as player thinks they have found one of their teammate, the two players take each other by the hand and continue moving together.
  • As soon as four players think they are in the same team, they jump and shout so that the game master moves to them. The game master looks at their cards.
  • If the cards are identical, the team has won. You can continue to play to see which team is second and third.
  • If the cards are different, the players must break the group and start moving again looking for their teammates.



You can play this game with other sets of cards.

  • Animals: You can use the Brouhaha game by Jean-Marc Pauty, of which you will need two copies. see video This variant is recommended for international players — a good occasion to compare onomatopoeias.
  • Songs and Music: Write on each card the name of a well know air (Kwai river bridge, Star Spangled Banner, Jingle Bells, Beethoven 5th Symphony…). Players must hum or whistle the music and find who has the same.


Bruno Faidutti,
based on the Brouhaha game by Jean-Marc Pauty,
with family lineage including Mating Game from New Games Book.

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