Musical Tetris, lvl 1


players.png ~2-8
time.png 15 min

Included in Meet set/collection.

Included in Play in a band set/collection.

This game is a draft/beta version. You can help develop it by editing or discussing in the comments

Easier version of Musical Tetris which can be attempted also by non-musicians.


Agree on the starting player and the order of other players (if you're in a circle, go clockwise). Make sure everyone will try to succeed until everything falls apart… (see Variants for other options to agree during the setup).

In the 4/4 bar you imagine 8 empty spots. On full beats and eights ("1-and-2-and-3-and-4-and"). This bar will be on an ongoing loop throughout the game.

Game start

The first player shows the tempo (with counting-in or body movement) and starts to make a sound (freely chosen) on the first beat. This sound will be repeated in that place until the end of the game.

Gameplay instructions

On your turn, add your own sound (one note freely chosen) on the empty spot in the bar. You will repeat this same sound on the same beat until the end of the game.

If the turn goes back to you (may happen if there are less than 8 players playing), you will need to add another sound to your individual loop.

You don't have to come in right away on the start of your turn. You may let a loop repeat a few times giving time to locate the empty spot in the bar.

Game end

Game ends with a success when all the spots are taken. More often the game ends on a mistake which cascades among all players (and there's no problem with that!).

Gamemaster's notes

The attempts at the game are relatively easy, but the success is surprisingly hard.

Please let everyone try out different spots in the turn (first player, last player, etc.), because it makes a lot of difference.

In this lvl 1 version, the length of the sound doesn't matter (make a comfortable value). The attack should be on the correct spot and then the sounds from different players may overlap.


For less fun. you may try playing with a metronome.

If you have skill and want to make it harder, you can change the meter or add bars. Playing very fast and very slow is available too.

For more options you can set a scale or otherwise restrict available sounds for additional challenge.

Example (easier variant)

In the example above, the lower keyboard (with first sounds appearing) serves as a metronome. Drums are the first player in the game.


This is a variant of a game by Marcus Staniec, Musical Tetris

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