Musical Tetris, lvl 1


players.png ~2-8
time.png 15 min

Included in Meet set/collection.

Included in Play in a band set/collection.

This game is a draft/beta version. You can help develop it by editing or discussing in the comments

Easier version of Musical Tetris which can be attempted also by non-musicians.


Main thing to agree is the starting player and the order of other players. You can also discuss how to resolve mistakes: you can reset on every mistake or continue playing until everything falls apart.

If you want to play the easiest version, set up the metronome to a comfortable tempo.

Gameplay instructions

In the 4/4 bar you imagine 8 empty spots. On full measures and eights ("1-and-2-and-3-and-4-and"). This bar will be on an ongoing loop throughout the game.

One by one players enter and need to add their sound (one note freely chosen) on the empty spot in the bar.

Upon taking the spot player should repeat his or her sound on this spot until the end of the game.

Game end

Game ends with a success when all the spots are taken. More often the game ends on a mistake or when everything falls apart.

Gamemaster's notes

The attempts at the game are relatively easy, but the success is surprisingly hard.


Play with or without the metronome. If you have skill and want to make it harder, you can change the meter or add bars.


In the example above first sounds from the lower keyboard serve as a metronome. Drums are the first player in the game.


This is a variant of a game by Marcus Staniec, Musical Tetris

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