Mutual Prescriptions series


This series deals with music materials, parameters and dimensions and with changing them.


Print out pieces A-K (or otherwise prepare for the display).


Collectively, choose one of the pieces [A-K, see above].

You may practise contents first if you need to.

Gameplay instructions

One player indicates by hand-sign a number between 1 and 5. Everybody then plays according to the instructions belonging to that number, until someone else indicates a new number. Sections with a new indication can may follow each other fast or slow as you like.

No pre-arranged sequences neither of elements nor of musicians indicating numbers.

Game end

The piece ends when there is no playing and no one takes a new initiative.


Carl BergstrΓΈm-Nielsen (2009, published with the kind permission from the author).
The author is a historical contributor to theory of parameters (dimensions, aspects) although for the activity the terms are used differently then the glossary defines them.

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