Perception 4


players.png ~2-2
time.png 3 min

This game for sustaining instruments is the first entry that uses perception and dexterity tests in the gameplay (not a game based on decisions nor on chance).

Gameplay instructions

1) The first of two musicians plays a soft sound, lasting 5 seconds.
2) Pause (5 seconds)
3) The second plays the same sound (or very similar), slightly, but noticeably softer. (5 seconds)
4) Pause. (5 seconds)
5) The first plays the sound, slightly but noticeably softer than in 3). (5 seconds)
This continues until the sound is no longer audible.

Game end

When the point of inaudibility is reached, the players again find the dynamic level which was played right before the sound became inaudible and play the sound together 5 times, alternating 5 second sounds with 5 second silences.


Michael Pisaro, published with the kind permission from the author
This piece is part of the series, which is also available: perception.pdf

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