players.png ~3-?
time.png 20 min

Scratch Orchestra's improvisation rite with a bit of math at the start.

Set up

Set a time limit and display a timer.

Gameplay instructions

Rule 1: In the first third of the piece approx. 1 in 6 sounds to be loud and short (P); approx. 1 in 6 to be long (up to 20 secs) and quiet (Q); the rest to be short and quiet (R).
Method: let x be the time available in minutes, and y be the number of players participating. 2x/y=z = the number of sounds (nearest whole number) to be made by each player in the first third of x. If z≥12, each player to make 2Ps, 2Qs and the rest Rs (all freely distributed). If 12>z≥6, each makes 1P, 1Q and the rest Rs. If z=3, 4, or 5, each makes 1P or 1Q and the rest Rs. If z=1 or 2, only the occasional player to make a P or a Q, the rest make R only, If z<1: either ½ Rs may be attempted, with an occasional ½P or ½Q. […]
Rule 2: Proceed smoothly from the first third through the remainder of the piece.

Game end

Game ends with a timer.

Editor's notes

This is one of the Improvisational Rites - notes of Scratch Orchestra (scholar info on the ensemble) from 1969. In the text you can find many interesting game mechanics like conversing with imaginary pigeons or giving money to other people ;). Inspiring!

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