players.png ~3-?
time.png 3 min
props.png cue-deck × 0 inspire-deck × 0 dice × 0 strings (preferably with tied loops)

Scratch Orchestra's hand-cuff rite.


Find soft strings of about half meter long (have one for every player). On both ends make loops of the size that lets you put the hand through and doesn't leave much space around it. The loop should not tighten itself when the string is pulled (see: Bowline).

Set up

Take the amount of strings equal to number of players participating and let every player put his/her hands through the loops of two different strings before just taking the instrument.

Gameplay instructions

Each player makes sounds only when attached to two other players by strings (about a foot long) tied to the wrists.

Game end

Not specified in the rite, but you might try to set an aim in the game for everyone to peacefully get free. Without stopping the playing and without any disturbance for your rope-mates, you need to get rid of your ropes, starting when you think you have enough music of this kind.

Editor's notes

This is one of the Improvisational Rites - notes of Scratch Orchestra (scholar info on the ensemble) from 1969. In the text you can find many interesting game mechanics like conversing with imaginary pigeons or giving money to other people ;). Inspiring!

Photo used for decoration is "Day 61 - Treasure" by Karin Bell, license: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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