Sound Collage Game Board


players.png ~4-10
time.png 20 min

This game is a draft/beta version. You can help develop it by editing or discussing in the comments

Individually travel around a colorful game board filled with various images and abstract designs that guide players to improvise a sound collage piece.


Download the game board HERE. Print out a copy for each player.


Hand out the game boards to every player.
Pick a brave player to go first.

Gameplay instructions

Players always move one space at a time.
Players can’t move through the black lines. Only move through the red lines.
Once a player lands on a space he has 2 things to consider for improvising:
1. How to interpret the image into music.
2. How to connect with the player(s) improvising at that moment.
Don’t play one space for too long (less than a minute).
After you’ve played 2 spaces then your turn is over and you must stop playing. Each turn you must play 2 spaces - no more no less.
Place your instrument down to signal that your turn is finished. Look like you have finished. Cross your arms, or put them on your lap.
Players should place a token (like a coin) on the last space they were at while waiting for their next turn.
You can begin your next turn after at least one other player takes a turn and there are less then 3 players playing.
There can only be up to 3 players playing at the same time.
Follow the board at your own pace. Your tempo, or where you are on the game board, might be completely different than the other players. That’s good!
Always listen to the others and try to make satisfying music.

Game end

When everyone reaches the end the game is over.

Gamemaster's notes

This is a beta version of the game board. I’m still testing out the order of the images. I’ll upload the final version when ready.

•Think of creative ways to enter and exit
•Think of it more as a sound collage piece.
•Don’t shy away from rhythmic things!
•You don’t have to only use your instrument, get creative, include other things like your voice, other available instruments lying around, any objects you can get your hands on!
•Theatrics are always welcome in the game!
•If you make a mistake, or unsure of something during the game, don’t worry, keep playing. This is about having fun and making music.


If you have players who are familiar with playing this kind of music you could try allowing 4 players to play at the same time.


Marcus Staniec (notrightmusic)

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