players.png ~3-?
time.png 4 min
props.png cue-deck × 0 inspire-deck × 0 dice × 0 -

Simple game for tonal instruments that are able to sustain a note for some time (or at least do tremolo).

Set up

Agree on the order of players (preferably stand in a circle). Announce a number 1 higher then the amount of participants, unless they are less than 5, then the number should be 7. This number will be the upper limit your melodies.

Gameplay instructions

In every turn active player will take a solo of a given length, and the last note of the solo will be held for next two turns as a context for other players.

First player plays a note and holds it. Second player plays two notes and the second note will be held (for two next turns). The third player will play a solo of three notes, and when he/she plays his/her last note (and sustains it) the first player should stop playing the note he or she was sustaining (cause that note's two turns just ended).

Every next player in line will play longer and longer solo to a two-note harmony provided by two previous players. When the number called in a setup is reached, consequent players play each solo one note shorter than their predecessors'.

Game end

Game ends when solo of only one note is played again to form a final trichord. If everything went well it should be played by the same player that began the game.


Consider making it an vocal only piece (a capella). Making a 'tail' of long sounds longer than two players often gives interesting results although is a bit more difficult.

Gamemaster's notes

To make following of longer solos easier, consider using smaller groups of notes (of 2 or 3) when planning your melody. If you want to play a few games in a row, it's fun to switch the order of players.


Izaak (odolany)

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