players.png ~12-12
time.png 15 min

Included in Study set/collection.

An algorithmic piece with 144 cores on 12 separate sheets divided among 12 players. The cores are run through a set of rules creating an ever-changing organic flux of sound.


Print score sheets for each player (notice that this hard game requires good reading and musicianship).

Gameplay instructions

The essence of SyndaKit is a transformative groove composed of 144 Cores divided among the 12 players and manifested through processes of imitation, addition, recombination, transposition, and improvisation. All activities should relate to a 16th note pulse (quarternote = 140), "One" may be anyplace.
Rhythmic unisons are a prime objective.
Cores are looped or may be used as "objects" of interjection. Players may add one of their Cores to any other one that is looping in the flux to form a new loop but may not add their own Cores together unless they are already attached to another Core in the flux.
String instruments should be tuned to C, G, Ab, A. These are also prime pitches for all instruments.
Pitched Cores may be transposed to any octave. When imitating pitched Cores, players may transpose to any interval.

Players may "pop out" with short improvised statemenets at any time then return to the flux. Players may enter or leave the flux at will.
Elliott Sharp - zOar Music - BMI - 1998

An example of one sheet of 12 cores. Download the whole score below.





E# (Elliott Sharp)

Submitted with kind permission from the author.

Elliott Sharp's homepage

Composed in 1998 for the author's ensemble Orchestra Carbon, SyndaKit utilizes a collection of biological metaphors to create an ever-shifting rhythmic and timbral matrix. Improvisatory and algorithmic but not improvisation, SyndaKit’s essence is a transformative organism consisting of 144 composed cores on 12 pages divided among the 12 players with a set of simple rules for their use through processes of imitation, addition, recombination, transposition, and mutation.
These actions are based on the activities of flocking birds, African drum choirs, cellular automata, hunting packs, and recombinant amino acids.

If played please give credit to the composer.

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