Travel Routes
players.png ~1-?
time.png 5 min
props.png cue-deck × 0 inspire-deck × 0 dice × 0 -

A musical play with common theme of games - geography.


It might be helpful to consult the "source material" before playing this game. Consider having a map or a globe, but it's not necessary.

Gameplay instructions

Start a journey anywhere. - Travel to approximately three different continents. - Over water, concentrate on variations of timbre and texture. Over desert, concentrate on infinite variations of tone durations. Over mountain areas, concentrate on frequent fluctuations of register. Over vast areas of land, concentrate on shifts in tempo. Add necessary stays and pauses during the journey. Dynamic changes to be adjusted to suit that of other musicians.

Game end

Players end their part when they finish their journey.


Henrik Ehland Rasmussen. Submitted with kind permission from the author.

Here is the original score of Travel Routes. It is described as "shareware" (so do not treat this page as Creative Commons). The piece is a part of wider collection

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