Where Are We?
players.png ~5-20
time.png 30 min
props.png cue-deck × 0 inspire-deck × 0 dice × 0 blindfold, time-tracker

Create a sound environment from a chosen location while a listener sits in the middle blindfolded and listens. The listener must guess what location is aurally being created.


For this game, it's best to have available as much sound-producing objects, instruments, and electronics as possible.

Set up

Discuss and create a list of 10 different locations. Choose one person to be the listener. The listener goes outside the room for 5 minutes. The players choose one location and discuss how they can create the soundscape of the location.

Gameplay instructions

Get the listener. Blindfold him and direct him to the center of the playing area. Help him lie down.

The players play for 7 minutes. The listener has two chances to guess the location.

Choose a new listener and repeat.


Location examples: city street / library / inside a super computer / alien planet / prison / jungle / shooting range / haunted house / video game world / under the sea

If you think of any good ones please add them to the comments!

Gamemaster's notes

Ambiance doesn’t have to be musical, so to speak. Think of sound design, the sounds of the location. Musically you could also think how a film soundtrack might portray the location.

Game Designer

Marcus Staniec (notrightmusic)

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