Accompanist (role)


Participant that plays music during the game but doesn’t have to follow the rules.

End Condition — A rule by which the game ends.

Non-idiomatic music — The genre of "no genre" — free music.


The technical meaning (within music games) that is provided here is in this case quite close to the natural understanding of the word. Accompanists add musical content (rhythm, harmony, color etc.) but follow a minimal subset of the game rules (most often the end condition). Accompanists might play pre-set patterns or play non-idiomatic music but they usually are constrained only by general musical directions specified in rules or discussed before a performance.

In an open setting of a game meeting, if the Accompanist is required by the game, the role is usually filled by the facilitator or more experienced musicians who can play by ear to Players who play by rules.

Accompanists may appear in improvisational theatre (under the same name) where they musically react to what is happening within the game (the difference is that for our case the game is also itself music and not theatre). But in some music games the role may be considered an equivalent of „a passenger” — a participant performing only the simple, mechanical task, without an initiative for the overall result.

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