Agenda of Players

Player's agenda is the most general aim he or she wants to achieve when entering a game.

In Brian Upton's Aesthetic of Play, author draws from discussions about RPG and describes three players' agendas. We will omit the RPG-related terms, but the three categories fit surprisingly well to music games as here also every player might focus mostly on one of three:

  1. goals (here we'll call these players gamists),
  2. coherence (formalists),
  3. closure (expressionists).

A music game when stating the rules precisely and when tested against any radical agenda is supposed to be by itself a mediating platform for players of different aims to perform music together.

It's not said that any player locks oneself in a chosen category, but differences are apparent and easing interactions between three (or more?) very different approaches to music game is a task for every gamemaster or collective that deals with music games.

Other player taxonomies:

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