Any quality of musical material.


Just as an event is a very broad term for "what may be played", aspect is able to equally broadly describe the event. Similarly, like with events, you can have macro-, mezo- and micro- aspects.

There are some distinct types of aspects, check additional info on dimensions (scalable, directional) and parameters (applicable to a single sound). Some questions that you might ask about the event are yes/no questions, these relate to binary aspects. Some aspects are formal in character and some deal with wider cultural references.

Not every aspect can be applicable to every type of musical material, and the complete list of aspects is impossible to make. Here are some examples:

Aspect Remarks
Density mezo-
Duration the only (?) aspect applicable to every material, as long as precison is not required
Composer for pre-composed material
Genre macro-
Mood mezo-
Number of sources
Pitch micro-, parameter, dimension
Style macro-
Tempo dimension
Timbre complex micro-aspect, parameter
Volume parameter, dimension+

Theoretical clarification (!)

The great overview of the topic can be found in Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen's "Sound is Multi-Dimensional"

In the treatise and historically, Dimensions/Parameters/Aspects are not separately defined, and there are many takes on this topic. Parameter is often a basic term, and Aspect here at G4M is equivalent to the most broad understanding of a parameter (parameter is used as in a narrow definition). The distinction between different types of aspects is introduced in the context of music games design due to more formal (mathematical / systemic) nature of complex games.

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