Constructor (role)

Participant that doesn't influence music directly, but rearranges the objects in the playing space.


The term appeared before in the piece "Construction" by Teodora Stepančić (published in Synzine magazine where apart from activities like "blindfolding" or "swapping instruments" Constructors were tasked also with manipulating cue-cards (which "theoretically" would intrude in Conductor's competences ;) ).

An overlap of roles is obviously not a problem in practice, but the relation between full-fledged Constructors and Players is not communicative in nature. It tends toward socially awkward in the context of casual games.

In Houdini Exercise by Cornelius Cardew, where improvising Players have their hands tied in the back, it would be Constructors' task to provide restraints. Constructors might also interact with Players sometimes similarly to theatre improv game Puppets.

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