Throwable objects used for randomization.

Of sides

The most well-know type of dice is six-sided and with numbers (dots). In games the need is often wider, so there is usage for 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 20-sided versions. Throwing two 10-sided dice (bear in mind, they can't be identical) conveniently generates a random number from 0-99. Especially in RPGs you can have more random functions by combining dice, which is written down in quasi-mathematical form. When 2D4 (is the result of a throw of two 4-sided dice) you can have a monster strength of 10+2D4+D10 and even more detailed algorithms of counting if you are really into it.

On sides

Numbers are not the only option for side content. Storycubes might be a useful item, where you can find many ideas to interpret musically. The drawback for playing with instruments is that these are quite small, but bigger dice with images are sometimes to find as children's toys.

Perfect dice for music

For music games 12-sided dice has a special place and versions with tones on the sides are even marketed commercially. Clean-sided regular dodecahedrons are also in sale, so you can make such a dice yourself.

Games with dice:

Other props:

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