Event list

List of events.

Event Lists

As demonstrated above, events can be chained together, or combined as lists.

  • Ordered Event Lists - Events are written down in a specific sequence that must be played in that order.
  • Free Form Event Lists - Events are written down as a list that can be played freely.

Combinations of the two are possible.

Event Lists can be of any size.

There are many uses for creating Event Lists.
They are often used as a guide for improvisation. For example:

Event List #1

  • Ambient
  • Acoustic only
  • E minor (different minor modes)
  • 10 minutes

Video on Event Lists:

With the example given the players must follow the rules given, but are free to play anything else that is not stated in the list. For example, the style, instrumentation type, key, and length are given, but that’s all. Any dynamic can be played since dynamics are not indicated.

Event List Chains

Multiple event lists are created. They can also be ordered or free form.
Many music games can be played using Event List Chains.

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