A situation during the game when Players exchange actions to establish a winner over an objective.


The word was in this case taken from the game of Go. During the progress of the typical game, the beginning consists of building the strategic position, middle game is dominated by fights, and the closing is again more calm. But similar situations exist in different games and simple games might be considered a single fight.

A very attractive possibility for fighting is when during the exchange, actions both defend against the threat from the opponent and attack at the same time.

Fighting project

Musical fighting is an active development field of music games. There is no one mechanic of this type that would be ready to apply to diverse music games as part of its rules, some games still relay on "rock-paper-scissors" for duels. An ideal fighting mechanic would be:

  1. objective (the winner is established without negotiation or an external judge)
  2. skill-based (it shouldn't be based on chance)
  3. fair (no unjustified advantage, balanced)
  4. musical (direct connection to producing sounds, the quality of sounds rewards Players)
  5. scalable (it would be best if it could be used for any amount of players)

Interval fighting

Working example of a fighting mechanic for only two Players could be based on intervals:
Two Players (one is called Consonance and the second Dissonance) produce sounds at the same time in the same agreed range (e.g. an octave).

  1. if the interval turns out to be unison, minor or major third, perfect fourth or fifth — Consonance wins
  2. if the interval turns out to be minor or major second, tritone, minor or major seventh — Dissonance wins
  3. other intervals are undecided

The mechanic above has important drawbacks:

  1. only two Players
  2. assignment of roles is arbitrary (if it's not included in the theme)
  3. no musical skill needed to win (but some just to play)
  4. lot of randomness (only a bit of "psychology")

The search for perfect fighting mechanic continues…

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