Inspire cards

Deck of cards that show images to interpret musically.


Generally an Inspire Cards deck can be formed of any images, here we present a pre-made sets that were tested with different games. In one deck there are 16 cards. The contents of the first deck was inspired mostly by notrightmusic's 15 cards example. Some ambiguity of the images is intentional but for some games you might need to provide interpretation.

You can put all cards in cards sleeves for better shuffling and dealing. For most games having two "decks" (32 cards in total) is enough. Repetition of images is problematic in some games, but a feature in others. If you use images that work well with your games or have any other idea of expanding the deck, write in the comments.


Universal inspire cards deck I

Other sets (a page about piano teaching by Joy Morin) offers for download 96 cards in the freebies section. These are sometimes broad and sometimes similar to each other, so might not be suitable for all of the inspire card games from the library. But for free-form activities should be very good because drawings are nice and colourful.

Dixit is a popular game sold in many countries. Drawings for the game are quite evocative and give great results for musical activities. You can play a music version of Dixit as it is, without talking as in the game but with playing the suggestions on instruments solo or in small ensembles (for example when a person who chose a card shows it to neighbours and they all score points together for the round). For smaller games you can show six cards in order and then roll the dice in secret for which to play for guessing.

Games with Inspire Cards

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