Inspire cards


Deck of cards that show images to interpret musically.


Generally an Inspire Cards deck can be formed of any images. There are a few approaches to making an inspire deck as for complexity, ambiguity and connection with recognized sound sources.

Practical tips: You can put all cards in cards sleeves for better shuffling and dealing. Repetition of images is problematic in some games, but a feature in others, so this usually requires some testing. If you use images that work well with your games or have any other idea of expanding the deck, please, write in the comments.

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Here we present a pre-made sets that were tested with different games. The cards are to be beginner friendly so an association with the real sound are seen on most of the cards, and this sounds are diversified at any given set.

Inspire deck No 1 — historical example, inspired mostly by notrightmusic's 15 cards (small sized).

Now inspire cards are all entered as scalable, CC0-licensed silhouettes (from ), this version is available here:
Dynamic Inspire Deck

Other sets (a page about piano teaching by Joy Morin) offers for download 96 cards in the freebies section. These are sometimes broad and sometimes similar to each other, so might not be suitable for all of the inspire card games from the library. But for free-form activities should be very good because drawings are nice and colourful.

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Dixit is a popular "boxed" board game sold in many countries. Drawings for the game are quite evocative and give great results for musical activities. In the game players give each other suggestions as for which picture was chosen with the aim that the suggestion is not successful for each and every player. Suggestion is usually spoken, but humming is allowed by the rules too.

For especially good experience when playing with instruments we recommend small ensembles giving suggestions (musical in this case) together. If player count suits (7+), when choosing the card to guess, show it to your neighbors and you all score points together as a trio of "narrators" for this round.

Games with Inspire Cards

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