Singing with the accompaniment from a machine/video game. The most popular form of amateur music performance.


From japanese カラオケ, which may be translated as "empty orche"[stra].

Why is it here?

Karaoke is related both to music and to games (albeit the direct connection is mostly to video games). It is a form of entertainment focused on performance of music rather than listening. As for social function it is for pop what (some) music games might soon be ;) for experimental or non-idiomatic music.

In-genre Karaoke have also been boardgamified. What's more, you can connect performance with any of the multiple games of musical trivia. Start with a charming title of Benny Goodman Swings into a Game of Musical Information (1940), toy xylophone included! Then have your way through Songburst: 70s & 80s Edition or Karaokards. There are more than 100 titles to check out on BoardGameGeek.

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