Amateur singing used as a pastime, most often to a backing track and with lyrics displayed.


From japanese カラオケ, which may be translated as "empty orche"[stra]. May be performed in dedicated venues, at themed events or at home, with a specialized equipment/software or to a video.

Why is it here?

Karaoke is the most popular form of amateur music-making. It is related both to music and to games (albeit rather to video games). It is a form of entertainment focused on performance of music rather than listening. As for social function it is for pop what music games might become also for experimental/non-idiomatic music.

Typical in-genre Karaoke have also been an inspiration for board games. You can also easily combine the performance of music with any of the many games of musical trivia like Benny Goodman Swings into a Game of Musical Information (1940) or Karaokards. For more such games visit the board games for karaoke list curated on Board Game Geek by a wiki editor.

Song Association (game/mechanic)

Among more than 100 titles to check out on Board Game Geek in the "singing" category the most popular mechanic is finding a song with a given word — this can be easily used for performance also without a physical game around it. Word can be random or one of the players may give it. "Elle Music Game" is a show based on this premise that has many national editions with celebrities.


The game is simple but has a high skill ceiling. See the virtuosic example with simple words and a timer by Jacob Collier who adds keyboard and body percussion to singing.


Antakshari is a musical "word-chain" game, where each player (possibly a team) sings the first verse of a commonly known song starting with the letter or syllable that ended the verse delivered by the previous opponent.

The game is popular in India, played often with Bollywood songs, made its way to a few movie scenes, and was a basis for a TV show and online activities. Naturally, the faster you come up with your part, the more appreciated might be your skill. You may sing the whole song, or just the first verse, the quick, more collage approach of "singing just the first verse" would be the one that to fit the scope of our wiki the most.

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