Non-idiomatic music

The genre of "no genre", also known as free music.

Limitations imposed by genres might be agreed to as an artistic decision or might be carried over unconciously. Genres happen because of the natural human drive to categorize. Sets of musical qualities defined by genres are rarely precise and they are sometimes even based on social context of music and not music itself. If music is considered it might be enough to employ certain instruments to be assumed as being in some genre.

When musicians see genre as a limiting set of conventions or as some form of dishonesty they might try to avoid it, but here comes back our "non-idiomatic music" as yet another umbrella term. So there is no easy escape from such tags…

Music games were invented in similar circles where non-idiomatic music developed. Game pieces now might be considered another genre of music or you might say that every game forms it's own genre, or even… that genres of improvisational music are kind of music games. Let's hold that thought…

Free improvisation and other names

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