Rhythm game


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A game where actions must be performed to the rhythm.


Generally, in a rhythm game you don't necessarily have to make sounds. Actions to the rhythm may be silent, there might also be an external sound source playing a track for you to synchronize with. Central mechanic of time synchronization is more popular with video games than analog/tabletop because of checking the performance success is much easier with computers, when players press buttons (although nowadays the diversity of controllers for such games is huge, including actual musical instruments).

In theory, precision should be the most important success factor and your in-game actions should be neither too late nor too soon, but perfectly on point. It is possible to play non-electronic games with this premise, but you need specific type of instruments (clear attack) and relatively high skill of participants for this to work well, or at least a skilled facilitator as a judge.

Much more often note placement will be approximate all the time, and the rhythm game is analogous to a time-tracking game (e.g. with a sand timer), but with a much shorter time span for player's action (e.g. 3-second window).

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