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When two musicians interchange their playing.

Despite being a part of many regular games, trading as "exchanging goods or currencies" is uncommon in music games as it would lead to musical downtime.


The term is used often in a jazz context, when instead of soloing separately musicians engage in sort of a dialogue over the course of longer or shorter sections. Often, in bebop inspired jamming, the whole band trades four-bar parts with drums ("trading fours").

You can draw comparisons to the way contests are organized or to the folk motif of fiddle players racing with the devil. For better or worse trading might be staged as (or otherwise get the subtext of) competition, so by that it seems its connection to games is natural. But at a more general level the similarity is just in taking turns which by itself is a very game-like arrangement.

When inventing a musical fighting mechanic remember that it gets a potential of dramatic back and forth if it's in the form of trading.

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