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A single cue may describe an event or provide a single constraint.

Number of cues so far:

For now they are mostly used to put on rule cards (there is an automation for that) but most prominently single cues will be used in different Random Scores.

Often there are multiple cues per game — this should be a very crowded hub.

All cues (not tagged as _non-cue)

Brouhaha: Balalaika Musical Brouhaha
Brouhaha: Drum Musical Brouhaha
Brouhaha: Gong Musical Brouhaha
Brouhaha: Pan Pipes Musical Brouhaha
Brouhaha: Saxophone Musical Brouhaha
Brouhaha: Triangle Musical Brouhaha
Introduce only a minimum change ... Convergent Ostinato
Claire Conversations
Upbeat Frank Conversations
Maurice Conversations
René Conversations
Tiny Sounds Diced Events
Non-Music (without drifting into noise) Diced Events
Wide Open Space Diced Events
Jungle Diced Events
Broken Machine Diced Events
Play Your Instrument Wrong Diced Events
Vocals Only Diced Events
Roll the dice or imagine a number then ... Djent Game
Dimenional Exercises: Loud To Dirty Dimensional Exercises
3. the expanded glass harp / 497. Benjamin's Glass Disquiet Junto
16. sandpaper and dice Disquiet Junto
18. relative prominence Disquiet Junto
41. Dirty minimalism Disquiet Junto
45. Sherlock Sawyer Disquiet Junto
59. Vowel Choral Drone Disquiet Junto
91. Walking music Disquiet Junto
137. Old-Time Electronica Disquiet Junto
163. Layering Minutes After Midnight Disquiet Junto
186. My Name Disquiet Junto
187. Three Strands Disquiet Junto
221. Morning Music Disquiet Junto
274. Broken Sound Disquiet Junto
282. Berio's Bach Disquiet Junto
291. Lantern Effect Disquiet Junto
310. From Memory Disquiet Junto
323. Music for Meditation Disquiet Junto
344. Careful Symmetries Disquiet Junto
375. Despite Yourself Disquiet Junto
384. Breath Beat Disquiet Junto
439. Hybrid Self Disquiet Junto
459. From a Distance Disquiet Junto
461. Goldilocks Zone Disquiet Junto
Use only smallest intervals available on your instrument Dueling Bumblebees
Drum on something that ... For a Drummer (for Eric)
Drum with something that ... For a Drummer (for Eric)
Scream! Danger Music Number Seventeen
Ambient Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
Blues Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
Country Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
Disco Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
Electronica Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
Flamenco Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
Gospel Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
Hip-hop music Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
Industrial Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
Jazz Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
K-Pop Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
Metal Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
Noise Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
Goose Goose
Opera Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
Punk Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
Reggae Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
Ska Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
Trance Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
Inspire: Arrow Inspire Cards deck
Inspire: Bell Inspire Cards deck
Inspire: Boot Inspire Cards deck
Inspire: Clock Inspire Cards deck
Inspire: Dragon Inspire Cards deck
Inspire: Elephant Inspire Cards deck
Inspire: Fireworks Inspire Cards deck
Inspire: Frog Inspire Cards deck
Inspire: Grass Inspire Cards deck
Inspire: Hammer Inspire Cards deck
Inspire: Motorbike Inspire Cards deck
Inspire: Phone Inspire Cards deck
Inspire: Scissors Inspire Cards deck
Inspire: Seagull Inspire Cards deck
Inspire: Snake Inspire Cards deck
Inspire: Talking Inspire Cards deck
Inspire: Tap Inspire Cards deck
Inspire: Toast Inspire Cards deck
Inspire: Train Inspire Cards deck
Inspire: Twister Inspire Cards deck
Inspire: Whale Inspire Cards deck
Make sound, any sound, preferably very loud Frederic Rzewski, Les Moutons de Panurge
Aggravated Mood Cards
Alone Mood Cards
Angry Mood Cards
Anxious Mood Cards
Ashamed Mood Cards
Bitchy Mood Cards
Blissful Mood Cards
Bored Mood Cards
Calm Mood Cards
Chaotic Mood Cards
Cheerful Mood Cards
Confused Mood Cards
Curious Mood Cards
Dark Mood Cards
Defensive Mood Cards
Delusional Mood Cards
Depressed Mood Cards
Disappointed Mood Cards
Dorky Mood Cards
Drunk Mood Cards
Energetic Mood Cards
Excited Mood Cards
Fearful Mood Cards
Flirty Mood Cards
Forgetful Mood Cards
Guilty Mood Cards
Happy Mood Cards
Heartbroken Mood Cards
High Mood Cards
Holy Mood Cards
Hopeful Mood Cards
Hungry Mood Cards
Intense Mood Cards
Jealous Mood Cards
Lazy Mood Cards
Lost Mood Cards
Loved Mood Cards
Morbid Mood Cards
Numb Mood Cards
Paranoid Mood Cards
Patient Mood Cards
Sad Mood Cards
Scared Mood Cards
Sick Mood Cards
Silly Mood Cards
Smart Mood Cards
Sorry Mood Cards
Surprised Mood Cards
Tired Mood Cards
Uncomfortable Mood Cards
Unwanted Mood Cards
Violated Mood Cards
Worthless Mood Cards
State your name, sex, occupation and age in as regimented a voice as you can manage Matthew Lee Knowles
Find a medium sized/weighted object and drop it, pick it up with ... Matthew Lee Knowles
Say a word beginning with a letter 'a' Matthew Lee Knowles, 100 Events, no 35
Make one high sound, then one low sound Matthew Lee Knowles, 100 Events, no 39
Make two high sounds and two low sounds Matthew Lee Knowles, 100 Events, no 39
Whisper the alphabet, but shout these letters: A, C, E, G, H, J, N, O Matthew Lee Knowles
Make five different sounds with your hands over your face Matthew Lee Knowles
If you can whistle, do so Matthew Lee Knowles
Speak a sentence, with each word being in a different language Matthew Lee Knowles
Say out loud the longest word you can think of Matthew Lee Knowles
Speak only using vowels, as quickly as possible Matthew Lee Knowles
Tell a beautifully absurd joke, in the direction of a month Matthew Lee Knowles
Using your hands, create sound Matthew Lee Knowles
Oscillate between a high sound and a low sound Matthew Lee Knowles
Shout "Eureka!" then start crying Matthew Lee Knowles
Make an anagram out of your name Matthew Lee Knowles
Touch the material you are reading this sentence from Matthew Lee Knowles
See how many sounds you can make with your mouth Matthew Lee Knowles
Think about number seven. Say it aloud six times Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk 530 375 Matthew Lee Knowles
Say out loud as many colours as you can think of as quickly as possible Matthew Lee Knowles
Say what you really think Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk 830 Ccccc Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk 830 Cpiyh Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk 830 Malfas Matthew Lee Knowles
Recite the alphabet in the manner of a young child, making ... Matthew Lee Knowles
Improvise a limerick ... Matthew Lee Knowles
Sing a nursery rhyme replacing ... Matthew Lee Knowles
Invent your own word and use it convincingly in a sentence Matthew Lee Knowles
Sign the highest note you can think of then think about the lowest ... Matthew Lee Knowles
Cough loudly Matthew Lee Knowles
Talk as a pirate might, for as long as you wish Matthew Lee Knowles
Make a name out of the following letters: OHENMJCRIRK Matthew Lee Knowles
Solve: 2+2 Matthew Lee Knowles
Recite a line of a poem, very quickly Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk Ase 240 Matthew Lee Knowles
Keep breathing, in, out, in, out, in Matthew Lee Knowles
Clap quietly Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk E Aaq Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk E Ihsose Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk E Isaway Matthew Lee Knowles
Sing a nursery rhyme backwards Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk E Sapoasbc Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk E Sasol Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk E Sitsob Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk E Sreoes Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk E Ssp Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk Sstm Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk E Syfl Matthew Lee Knowles
Matthew Lee Knowles, Eleven Text Scores For Pauline Oliveros, Two ... Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk Ewcarfato Dmc Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk Fdf Matthew Lee Knowles
tapping with flat palm over heart, imitating a slow heartbeat Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk Iatilhsimg Aiim Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk Iatilhsimg Tiaqaicdi Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk Iatilhsimg Ymesas Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk Sm Scs Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk Sm Shs Matthew Lee Knowles
Mlk Sm Sms Matthew Lee Knowles
Light timbres Mutual Prescriptions series
Dark timbres Mutual Prescriptions series
Mixed timbres Mutual Prescriptions series
Interweawing timbres (making a pattern together) Mutual Prescriptions series
Like classical music Mutual Prescriptions series
Like popular music Mutual Prescriptions series
Like experimental music Mutual Prescriptions series
Like electronic music Mutual Prescriptions series
Very long sustained tones (more than 10 seconds) Mutual Prescriptions series
Sustained tones of middle durations (1-3 seconds) Mutual Prescriptions series
Extremely short tones (under and much under 1 second; pointillistic) Mutual Prescriptions series
Pianissimo Mutual Prescriptions series
Piano with sforzandi (=sudden strong, short accents) Mutual Prescriptions series
Individually making sudden changes between different or contrasting, unchanging levels ("terraces") Mutual Prescriptions series
Individual slow crescendi and diminuendi as well as some passages having a constant level Mutual Prescriptions series
Individual fast crescendi and diminuendi as well as some passages having a constant level Mutual Prescriptions series
Individual both slow and fast crescendi and diminuendi as well as some passages having a constant level Mutual Prescriptions series
Melodies Mutual Prescriptions series
Motifs Mutual Prescriptions series
Patterns Mutual Prescriptions series
Monumentally slow Mutual Prescriptions series
Very fast Mutual Prescriptions series
Slow, gradually becoming fast (accellerando) Mutual Prescriptions series
Fast, gradually becoming monumentally slow (ritardando) Mutual Prescriptions series
6. Release The Beast Music Weeklies
15. Childhood Memories Music Weeklies
17. Atlantis Music Weeklies
23. Corporate Music Weeklies
24. Rainbows and Unicorns Music Weeklies
29. 11/16 Time Signature Music Weeklies
30. Sound of Colors Music Weeklies
32. Summer Vibes Music Weeklies
77. Audio Vacation Music Weeklies
94. Exorcism Music Weeklies
111. New As Old Music Weeklies
112. Old As New Music Weeklies
115. Vampires Music Weeklies
123. Bubbles Music Weeklies
126. Cheesy Music Weeklies
162. Then VS Now 👹 // Describe musically your hometown first as the child you were, then as you see it now Music Weeklies
169. Not A Fan // Write a piece in a style/genre you don't normally enjoy Music Weeklies
Ask Your Body Oblique Strategies
Be Dirty Oblique Strategies
Be Extravagant Oblique Strategies
Breathe More Deeply Oblique Strategies
Cascades Oblique Strategies
Convert a melodic element into a rhythmic element Oblique Strategies
Decorate, decorate Oblique Strategies
Pair: Laps 5 Pair Cues
Pair: Laps 7 Pair Cues
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