In this section you can find a sortable list of tested games. Some have specific requirements (like time, players, instruments) and all require some discipline to follow the rules.

Players Time(') Lvl Latest
Travel Routes A musical play with common theme of games - geography. 1 to ? 5 intermediate.png
Textmusic 3 One of Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen's chance compositions based on traditional playing cards. 2 to ? 5 intermediate.png
Mutual Prescriptions series This series deals with music materials, parameters and dimensions and with changing them. 4 to ? 3 intermediate.png
MPIR106 Scratch Orchestra's improvisation Rite. Watching, waiting, listening. 10 to ? 15 easy.png
Game Over Very rich game that is perfect for workshops. With it's many variants it can be adjusted to work with children or even with semi- or professional musicians. 4 to ? 20 intermediate.png
CMH-CR135 Scratch Orchestra's hand-cuff rite. 3 to ? 3 intermediate.png
CCQR133 Quiet Rite. Scratch Orchestra's improvisation rite with a bit of math at the start. 3 to ? 20 hard.png
Apocalypse Travel the apocalyptic connotations in this free improvisation game. 1 to ? 5 intermediate.png
Musical Brouhaha Look for your team in the crowd and make some noise! 32 to 140 20 easy.png
Rhythm Ball A cross between handball, basketball and a hip-hop concert. 5 to 50 20 intermediate.png
Bees Three teams of bees hunt for pollen, armed only with kazoos and bouncy head boppers. 10 to 40 40 easy.png
Where Are We? Create a sound environment from a chosen location while a listener sits in the middle blindfolded and listens. The listener must guess what location is aurally being created. 5 to 20 30 intermediate.png
The Freemasons "Of the various clandestine rites of Freemasonry this musical ritual, which dates back to the very earliest lodges, has been guarded with perhaps the greatest secrecy - until now! ..." 6 to 12 20 intermediate.png
SyndaKit An algorithmic piece with 144 cores on 12 separate sheets divided among 12 players. The cores are run through a set of rules creating an ever-changing organic flux of sound. 12 to 12 15 hard.png
Stay In Character Pick a Character with specific limited musical skills. Choose your skill paths wisely and experience the creative mysteries of this musical adventure! 1 to 12 10 intermediate.png
P-S-Rock Two teams, three moods. Musical rock-paper-scissors. 6 to 12 10 intermediate.png
Agents Decide if someone's music suits your picture or, if you are an Agent, try to say what two sounds don't suit together. What's easier? 7 to 11 10 intermediate.png
Motive A match-two card game in which players compete to earn the most melodies matched. 3 to 10 10 hard.png
Shogi Composition A recipe for collaborative composition among various people with different musical backgrounds. Players compose short passages one after another. The composition and performance are two separate phases. 2 to 10 60 easy.png
Winking Murderer: The Musical Someone in the group is a murderer. When he winks at the improvisers, they die (stop playing). But a detective is also at work, investigating, and ready to catch the Winking Murderer. Will he catch him in time, or will the bad guy prevail? A fast-paced, yet extremely fun music game. Based on the traditional kids game "The Winking Murderer." 5 to 10 5 easy.png
The Audition Quick solo improvised performances are auditioned to create 3 duo sets. The duos compete against each other to win the best performance.
All conducted within a seamless stretch of music.
7 to 10 15 easy.png
Staircase Simple game for tonal instruments that are able to sustain a note for some time (or at least do tremolo). 3 to 10 4 intermediate.png
Sound Collage Game Board Individually travel around a colorful game board filled with various images and abstract designs that guide players to improvise a sound collage piece. 4 to 10 20 intermediate.png
Sea-game game A game where you play over a piece of modern music. That score surely looks like a game board… 3 to 10 5 intermediate.png
Loop Cycle A game easy to teach and play. One player improvises a repeated loop. Other players join one by one, adding to the loop. The last player gets to do whatever s/he wants. Repeat with a different player. 4 to 10 7 easy.png
Into The Labyrinth, lvl 1 Change pitch range and density of your improvisation to navigate through Dungeon Master's maze. 2 to 10 5 easy.png
Hand Piece (With Memory Function) When time comes, will you be able to recall what you were playing? 4 to 10 3 hard.png
Musical Tetris, lvl 1 Easier version of Musical Tetris which can be attempted also by non-musicians. 2 to 8 15 easy.png
Animal Sounds Choose an animal. Play an interpretation of it. Others try to guess what it is!
A simple, but an extremely fun game that can be enjoyed by everyone from kids to adults!
4 to 8 30 easy.png
Volume Waves A game based on emergence with unique musical effect and challenging gaming task for any instruments that can play dynamically. 7 to 7 7 easy.png
Conductor's Remote A conductor sets gestures to control musical aspects such as dynamics and tempo of a small playing ensemble. Styles can be pre-set, or improvised. Lots of chaotic fun! 4 to 7 5 intermediate.png
Circle of 5 Set collection game of cards to play music by. Strategizing results in changing musical cues for you and others. 3 to 7 20 intermediate.png
Musical Tetris Like in Tetris players must carefully fit sound between other sounds that drop into a pre-planned number of measures. No overlapping! Quick game that requires focus, tight rhythm and a bit of musicianship. 2 to 6 15 intermediate.png
Attack of the Rhythm Dancer Surrounded by improvising Musicians sits The Prize. The Dancer has 2 minutes to reach it and win, but she also has a Weakness that will kill her. Will she make it on time? The Musicians play a Weakness to attack The Dancer, but only one attack is not enough… 3 to 6 10 hard.png
Trigger Cards A set of cards to trigger events, but especially suited to riff jamming. 2 to 5 3 intermediate.png
15 Cards 15 index cards with various images on them are ordered to create a narrative. Players then go through the cards musically improvising what they see. 1 to 5 ? intermediate.png
Convergent Ostinato Modern composers struggle "between cliché and gibberish". This game is a trip from gibberish to cliché for three or more people. 4 to 4 5 intermediate.png
Polyfill Fast composition and an algorithm to apply. The result is a short rhythmic break from improvisation for three people. 3 to 3 10 hard.png
Perception 4 This game for sustaining instruments is the first entry that uses perception and dexterity tests in the gameplay (not a game based on decisions nor on chance). 2 to 2 3 intermediate.png
The Songwriter's Notebook You've let 4 days of this month go by already, but it's time to get to work! The record label you're signed to has demanded a charting song by the end of the month or you'll be dropped from the label. Can you write a song that pushes past 800,000 streaming listens? Time to pull out your trusty notebook and find out! 1 to 1 15 intermediate.png
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