Here we gather links to music game related events (they don't have to be directly connected to G4M users).

It's better to add cases when participants can join in music-making (not only listening to music games in concert).

You can also add past events, but please tag them with _past.

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Zjava - Non-digital games convent in Warsaw 2020 (fri 22:00) 2020-02-21 visit
In the Hut 2020 February 2020-02-16 visit
MfP Improvisation for All 2020-02-08 visit
MfP Live Your Music III 2020-03-07 visit
In the hut 2020 January 2020-01-19 visit
In the hut 2019 December 2019-12-15 visit
MRM – Music, Rhythm, Movement Facilitator Training 2020-01-25 visit
MfP Live Your Music II 2019-11-30 visit
In the hut 2019 November 2019-11-24 visit
MfP Live Your Music 2019-11-02 visit
In the hut 2019 October 2019-10-27 visit
MfP Day of Improvisation 2019-10-26 visit
In the hut 2019 September 2019-09-22 visit
MLP Seminars at Kientalerhoff 2019 2019-10-06 visit
Synzine @ Street view 2019-09-08 visit
In the hut 2019 June 2019-06-30 visit
Game Symphony Workshop 2019 2019-06-01 visit
In the hut 2019 May 2019-05-26 visit
At Nook Nook school in Tokio in June 2019-06-02 visit
In the hut 2019 April 2019-04-28 visit
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