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A music game might be easy, intermediate or hard. Keep in mind though that this level is not directly related to musical skill necessary but more often to difficulty of the game itself. You might do well if you are a beginner musician but an experienced gamer.

If you want to make music not depending on much of theory, look for games that are described as non-musical, for example based on sound-design. Also, conducting which is classically considered very demanding, in the context of music games can often be performed by a non-musician.

Tonal and rhythmic games usually require some musicianship as well as those using musical score. Musical notation is also a key part of notation cards.

Other notable props* that got a tag are cue-cards and inspire-cards. These are used in some areas of professional music-making, but don't require much prior knowledge to play with. Most popular gaming prop is a dice.

Music games are relatively often co-optional*, but mostly they are cooperative and sometimes competitive. Playing may require listening, voting or guessing.

* Additional info in Music gaming article.

Compare games using the list below or access them by tag.

Players Time(') Lvl Latest
This series deals with music materials, parameters and dimensions and with changing them. Mutual Prescriptions series 4 to ? 3 intermediate.png
Individually travel around a colorful game board filled with various images and abstract designs that guide players to improvise a sound collage piece. Sound Collage Game Board 4 to 10 20 intermediate.png
A game where you play over a piece of modern music. That score surely looks like a game board… Sea-game game 3 to 10 5 intermediate.png
Decide if someone's music suits your picture or, if you are an Agent, try to say what two sounds don't suit together. What's easier? Agents 7 to 11 10 intermediate.png
A great game that is easy to teach and play. One player improvises some kind or repeated loop. One by one other players join, adding to the loop. The last player gets to do whatever he wants. Round 2 repeats the process starting with a different player. Loop Cycle 4 to 10 7 easy.png
Improvisation rite with a bit of math at the start. CCQR133 3 to ? 20 hard.png
Hand-cuff rite. CMH-CR135 3 to ? 3 intermediate.png
Improvisation Rite. Watching, waiting, listening. MPIR106 10 to ? 15 easy.png
Similar to leveling up RPG game style characters, but for music improvisation!
Each player picks a different Character with specific limited musical skills. At certain times throughout the game every player can level up their skills opening up new musical possibilities. There are also Chance Cards and Soundpainting! What kind of character will you be? Choose your skill paths wisely and experience the creative mysteries of this musical adventure!
Stay In Character
1 to 12 10 intermediate.png
When time comes, will you be able to recall what were you playing? Hand Piece (With Memory Function) 4 to 10 3 hard.png
A conductor sets gestures to control musical aspects such as dynamics and tempo of a small playing ensemble. Styles can be pre-set, or improvised. Lots of chaotic fun! Conductor's Remote 4 to 7 5 intermediate.png
Simple game for tonal instruments that are able to sustain a note for some time (or at least do tremolo). Staircase 3 to 9 4 intermediate.png
Surrounded by improvising Musicians sits The Prize. The Dancer has 2 minutes to reach it and win, but she also has a Weakness that will kill her. Will she make it on time? The Musicians play a Weakness to attack The Dancer, but only one attack is not enough... Explore the mysteries of The Dancer, The Musicians, The Prize, and The Weakness! Attack of the Rhythm Dancer 3 to 6 10 hard.png
An algorithmic piece with 144 cores on 12 separate sheets divided among 12 players. The cores are run through a set of rules creating an ever-changing organic flux of sound. SyndaKit 12 to 12 15 hard.png
Quick solo improvised performances are auditioned to create 3 duo sets. The duos compete against each other to win the best performance.
All conducted within a seamless stretch of music.
The Audition
7 to 10 15 easy.png
Modern composers struggle "between cliché and gibberish". This game is a trip from gibberish to cliché for three or more people. Convergent Ostinato 4 to 4 5 intermediate.png
Two teams, three moods. Musical rock-paper-scissors. P-S-Rock 6 to ? 10 intermediate.png
Create a sound environment from a chosen location while a listener sits in the middle blindfolded and listens. The listener must guess what location is aurally being created. Where Are We? 5 to 20 30 intermediate.png
Choose an animal. Play an interpretation of it. Others try to guess what it is!
A simple, but an extremely fun game that can be enjoyed by everyone from kids to adults!
Animal Sounds
4 to 8 30 easy.png
Very rich game that is perfect for workshops. With it's many variants it can be adjusted to work with children or even with semi- or professional musicians. Game Over 4 to ? 20 intermediate.png
Game based on emergence with unique musical effect and challenging gaming task for any instruments that can play dynamically. Volume Waves 7 to 7 7 easy.png
15 index cards with various images on them are ordered to create a narrative. Players then go through the cards musically improvising what they see. 15 Cards 1 to 5 ? intermediate.png
Game about harmony for 2 to 4 musicians. Good as a tool for developing creativity in composition. Democratic Chord Writing 2 to 5 10 easy.png
One of the few games that works well for just two people. Very good for classically inclined musicians. Counterpoint Party 2 to 2 2 intermediate.png
Like in Tetris players must carefully fit sound between other sounds that drop into a pre-planned number of measures. No overlapping! Quick game that requires focus, tight rhythm and a bit of musicianship. Musical Tetris 2 to 6 15 intermediate.png
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