What is good music?

What is good music? Give this a thought if you are preparing a music game meeting in a diverse company.

Often people's preferences are due to familiarity or identity and remain unconscious. If your participants deliberately treat some music as better than other, here is a list of options:


Good (by definition) is something people are willing to pay for. If music is good, there is a demand for it. Music was a good investment in the second half of the 20th century, now it's getting worse and worse because all the competing entertainment media.


Good music needs to make me feel like I'm gonna dance. My appreciation shouldn't stop at ears, but should involve the whole body. Dancing and music are like halves of an orange and one is incomplete without another.


Good music is the one that let's you connect with your audience the best. Music doesn't exist otherwise than as a two-way relation. Both as a composer and as a performer, your music is good if it let's you deliver the message successfully.


Worthy of appreciation is everything that contributes to the greater glory of a higher-level worship target.


You need to be a real artist if you want to make good music. Your personality is as important as sounds you make. Never compromise, especially as for making your music more appealing to masses.


With all the present and past generations of musicians, you form an awe-inspiring community. You need to dive into all the accumulated wisdom to master it and then properly make the depth that you attain from your musical ancestors into a sound reality.


Good music needs to make me feel calm and relaxed. This will help me to achieve my goals, get in contact with myself and find happiness and success in daily life.


Music is an endeavour of creativity. It is not good if it only repeats what already has been done before. Break the boundaries! New ideas and originality are key things to praise in music as well as in any art.


Good music is weaved from many different elements into an intricate structure. The structure is formal in nature and its complexietes are to be explored.


Good music can't be done by anyone. It comes from the upper percentage (~5-10%?) of hard-working professionals whose effort let's them acquire skill to get to the top of their craft. If precision and perfection is easily achieved, it's cheating.


Good music needs to make me feel something. The more, the better. The range of these experiences might be very broad, but they need to be intense.


True beauty should nurture imperfection and seek for incompleteness. These are the features that can truly show the impermanence, suffering and emptiness of existence.


Music will represent Life if you don't see your responsibility in 'making' but in 'accepting'. Don't force attention, but rather see and hear many things at once, including the background.


Music is good if it has beautiful/wise/relatable lyrics. It's all about them! If there is music without words, it lets us imagine our own poetry to it. Instrumental music is lazy.

The order of the above "definitions" of good music is random. We are not here to promote any musical paradigm, although probably everyone has some that are closer to the heart and music games in general are also aligned better only to some of the above.

For music gaming facilitators it's good to be aware of your preferences towards music and also what type of a game player you naturally are. Be prepared for the situation when a participant considers their preference as "the essential quality" that defines music itself. It's a worthy skill to be able to provide some calm distance.

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