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Below you see all page types ("categories") used at Games for Music wiki. Clicking ∈ will list top wiki pages in that category (ordered by lenght). This might be useful for you, if you'd like to edit more than text and use advanced functions of the Wikidot engine.

name description Scheme setup (*)
activity playable; adaptable rulesets; additional creative input may be needed example media ID (hosting platform passed by tags)
app category for scripts and code
book book reviews and sources
cue single gaming cues, usually from playable items, text or graphic scheme not working — only content{1}, for easy integration
data envelopes with additional info added to every item from game scheme not working — data template
ep serialized contents of non-playable kind
event links to music gaming events — add yours! scheme not working — data template
game playable; tested, well-defined and preferably without a facilitator example media ID (hosting platform passed by tags)
glossary first paragraph — definition of a term, then more and more technical info on the topic example media ID (hosting platform passed by tags)
good short descriptions of musical paradigms
hub for grouping and accessing items of the same category content{3} of the hub describes content{3} of its elements, used to display right here in this column
inc snippets of code used at different pages scheme not working — backend usage
people articles about people, both about users and historical figures URL of a page for described person/group
print experimental; collections of other items in printer-friendly form
quote quotes used in other content addition to the source link to add to quote's parent page; most often a page number, where parent page is a book
set thematically collects diverse items tagged as _set:name
sub playable, sub-activities are used as parts of other texts additional info — displayed only when the page is viewed directly
system essential tools for contributors
tag explanations for a curated set of tags
template initial content for new entries in some categories
wiki articles (other than books and people)


  • categories nav (top and left navigation areas), forum and deleted are native to wikidot and don't have a hub;
  • categories other, rename and hyde are deprecated and soon may be removed.

(*) Scheme setup

Most of the categories use the template scheme, and the section (3) of the template can have different meanings — if it's used it is explained in the last column of the table. Other constant parts of the scheme are: main site content (1), graphical thumbnail (2) and a description for set view (4).

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