All includes (inc)

"Includes" are snippets of code that you can add to different pages. Useful — better than copy-pasting the full code all the time. For example if an item belongs to a set/collection, it's category template has a line to show a blue floating box for sets:

[[include inc:set]]

Some includes accepts variables, then the syntax is, for example:

[[include inc:def

Which in this case makes a floating box that presents a glossary definition of ad libitum.

All includes:

activity Include: Activity - appears in hub:activity and hub:game
activity-backend Include-2: takes variable "fullname" from inc:activity
def Include: Def - definition box - needs a variable "def"
game Include: Game - appears in hub:data and hub:game
game-backend Include-2: takes variable "fullname" from inc:game
glossary Include: Glossary box content (all terms)
long-text-css Include: Long Text Css
non-cc Non Cc
scratch-intro Include: Intro to Nature Study Notes
scratch-notes Include: Notes at the end of Nature Study Notes
set Include: Set boxes
tagging-buttons Include: Tagging Buttons - used in game, activity and sub
tags Include: Combine tags
toc Include: Table-of-contents CSS (remove additional elements)
wiki Include: Wiki - accepts "self" and "oldid" (from Wikipedia) variables

Includes don't follow the content scheme, so they don't have a decoration and meta-information. They may have "weird" long and descriptive titles which are not used on the "front end" other than in the table above.

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