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"Includes" are snippets of code that you can add to different pages. This lets you avoid repeated copy-pasting. For example to display a yellow warning as seen on the right, this page has a line:

[[include inc:box-advanced]]

Some includes accept variables, then the syntax is, for example:

[[include inc:box-def

Ad libitum — "As you like it", a score annotation that gives a level of freedom to the performer.

Which in this case makes a floating box that presents a current glossary definition of ad libitum.

The prefix "box-" will group all those elements that float coherently to the right of the text. Separated sections within the text be called "info-…". And if an include doesn't add elements to the page, but just adjust the style, it's name starts with "css-".

All includes shared for content:

box-advanced Include: Displays a box warning about advanced editing area
box-def Include: Box with a glossary definition; variable: {$def}
box-good Include: Musical paradigm box; variable: {$good}
box-mixed-links Include: Box with info on color-coding for activities links
css-collapsible-listpages CSS: Foldable Listpages
css-link-table CSS: Link
css-long-text CSS: Long Text (adds right margin, usually already in template)
css-toc Include: Table-of-contents with CSS (remove extra elements)
drop-link Include: Drop Link
emoji-tags Include: Emoji Tags
hidden-links Include: Hidden Links
info-parameter-clarification Include: Section with glossary info about parameters
link-table Include: External games by link
link-table-no-author Include: External games by link, without author column
list-linked Include: List of games and activities with first_paragraph
list-linked-all Include: List of all playables with meta-info (content{4})
publisher Include: Publisher short info and linked citations
references Include: References section - title and style
wiki Include: Info on Wikipedia source - variables {$self}, {$oldid}

The long and descriptive titles are needed because our includes don't have "meta-data" in the content scheme.

Includes used in templates and system pages:

box-glossary Include: Glossary box content (all terms)
box-non-cc Include: Tag-based. A box that informs about unusual licences.
box-non-safe Include: Tag-based. Displays a content warning
box-set Include: Tag-based. Info boxes for all sets
contributor-cue Include: Section showing links to random scores
css-full-site-backup CSS: Site CSS for Backup
info-top-text Include: Tag-based. Info on "drafts"; variable: {$type}
tagging-buttons Include: Tagging Buttons - used in game, activity, and sub
tagging-buttons-text Include: Text Tagging Buttons - used in wiki, glossary, book, and people
tags Include: Combine tags
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