The table below shows contributors to in-library games. These might be wiki editors, non-members who gave permission to include their work, or authors that decided prior to make their games openly licensed and don't endorse our platform directly.

Navigate to the specific game title by clicking on the author's name; users of open licenses will be marked in the third column of the table. See also details on licenses at G4M.

There is also a list of untied (unattributed) games and activities (shows in-library activities and titles from articles and reviews).

People added so far in the articles section:

Still ahead of us

There are many more people that we'd like to write about in the context of music games. Until we have a game-specific bio-note, check the list and maybe links to outside sources.

Earle Brown | Vinko Globokar | Richard Grayson | Anne Gunn | Pauline Oliveros | Carl Orff | Terry Riley | Karlheinz Stockhausen | La Monte Young | Iannis Xenakis | Frank Zappa

…to name just the few. You can also put groups and collectives in this section.

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