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Full-fledged and polished games are sorted in the library, but some activities are not included there and remain as parts of other content: articles, glossary entries and even other games. Here is a way to easily access (and count) them all or look for known titles.

Links underlined with orange lead to free-form activities, links underlined with green lead to well-defined games, blue ones may lead to anything.

  1. 0' 00'' classic events few solo
  2. 100 Yard Metronome Run
  3. 15 Cards cards cooperative drawing few free-improv inspire-cards narrative
  4. 220 Yard Balloon Dash
  5. 3-split cooptional dimensions few low-mid no-props
  6. ABP128 classic events few low-mid many no-props
  7. Acapella Harmonies / One Note Piece
  8. ACSRS64 classic cooperative high-mid loop many memory no-props
  9. Agents cards competitive guess inspire-cards low-mid spatial
  10. Angelic/Devilish Choir acapella conducting cooptional easy listen many no-props simple
  11. Animal Sounds competitive easy guess interpret kids
  12. Antakshari classic competitive composers easy few in-genre memory no-props words
  13. Apocalypse board few low-mid many words
  14. Attack of the Rhythm Dancer ambient cards competitive dance hard listen score spatial timed
  15. AWEP172 Exploration/Creation cooperative few free-improv high-mid many no-props role-play solo
  16. AWSS169 Write a Rite cooptional drawing events low-mid many props words
  17. AWZK170 acapella cooperative dance easy few free-improv gestures many no-props solo spatial
  18. Balloon Stomp Legacy classic cooptional gestures low-mid many props spatial
  19. Bees dance easy gestures interpret many narrative props role-play spatial teams
  20. Bottle of Water
  21. Bounce-the-sound competitive easy loop no-props quick rhythm simple
  22. Calls, Canto 5 (Telephone Call)
  23. Calls, Canto 6 (Letter)
  24. Cantus Firmus classic cooperative few in-genre memory no-props tonal
  25. CCAR17 classic cooperative easy few many no-props
  26. CCDCR132 classic cooperative easy free-improv many no-props
  27. CCQR133 classic no-props timed
  28. CCSBR7 classic easy events few free-improv props solo words
  29. Cellular Constellation algorithms constellations cooperative free-improv listen low-mid many no-props spatial
  30. Cempekitien Oxorciko #25 algorithm props words
  31. CFIRT146 classic cooperative easy few free-improv many props words
  32. CFS32 classic constellations easy free-improv many no-props
  33. CFSNAP!R148 cards classic competitive low-mid many
  34. CH27 classic cooptional free-improv low-mid many no-props
  35. Chansonnée acapella classic cooptional few high-mid no-props simple words
  36. CHMR89 classic easy free-improv many no-props
  37. Choice 10
  38. CHSTBOR15A classic cooptional found high-mid many
  39. CHTHOR15 classic cooptional found high-mid many
  40. CHTIGR20 classic events low-mid many narrative
  41. Circle of 5 cards competitive few low-mid
  42. CJ81 classic constellations easy free-improv gestures many
  43. Comping Game classic few in-genre low-mid no-props rhythm solo timed
  44. Composition Exercise #113 algorithm composers high-mid in-genre score solo tonal
  45. Conductor's Remote conducting dimensions gestures in-genre low-mid no-props rhythm
  46. Convergent Ostinato cooperative few high-mid loop minimal no-props rhythm
  47. Conversations cooperative easy few free-improv interpret many narrative no-props role-play solo
  48. Danger Music Number Seventeen
  49. Dice Contract dice easy events few free-improv kids many random
  50. Diced Events cooperative dice events free-improv high-mid many
  51. Djent Game cooptional few gestures high-mid in-genre many no-props rhythm
  52. Draw It Yourself classic drawing easy few kids many
  53. Drip Music
  54. Drive in Burger classic cooptional loop low-mid many no-props rhythm spatial
  55. Dueling Bumblebees classic cooperative easy few no-props quick simple tonal
  56. Entitled Piece easy free-improv guess no-props simple
  57. Even Divide cooperative free-improv inspire-cards interpret low-mid timed
  58. Event Lists Game Template cards cooptional events gestures low-mid many
  59. Event:10
  60. Evolution of music events few free-improv many spatial
  61. Exotic Constellations classic cooptional few free-improv no-props simple
  62. EZ179 acapella easy listen many no-props
  63. Fairy Tale cooperative easy free-improv narrative role-play
  64. Flipping Orders classic cooptional high-mid many no-props spatial
  65. Fluxfestkit Legacy composers cooptional easy events free-improv many props
  66. Follow the Images cards cooperative easy inspire-cards interpret listen
  67. For a Drummer (for Eric)
  68. Found Sound app classic cooperative few found low-mid
  69. FRLMDP47 algorithm classic hard many rhythm score tonal
  70. FRR80 acapella classic low-mid many
  71. Game in Ear Training acapella classic easy memory solo
  72. Game Over cards conducting cooptional cue-cards easy free-improv gestures preparation
  73. GC166 Sweet Singing Rite cooperative easy few props solo tonal
  74. Générique cooperative kids low-mid many memory no-props role-play spatial words
  75. Hand Piece (With Memory Function) classic gestures hard memory no-props
  76. Hand-cuff Rite (CMH-CR135)
  77. Harmony Duets acapella classic cooperative few high-mid loop many no-props simple solo tonal
  78. Head Shoulders Knees Toes algorithm classic cooperative easy few gestures loop many no-props rhythm speeding-up words
  79. HMSCR104 classic cooptional few free-improv many no-props words
  80. HMSIR5 acapella classic cooperative easy many no-props spatial words
  81. HMSUR103 classic many no-props
  82. Houdini Exercise classic few free-improv hard props solo
  83. HSDN01 classic cooperative easy few many no-props rhythm simple
  84. I Found This Sound For You
  85. In Unison
  86. Inspiriodical cooperative few in-genre interpret props words
  87. Into the Labyrinth cooperative drawing few free-improv gestures high-mid listen many memory narrative solo teams
  88. Into The Labyrinth, lvl 1 board cooptional dimensions easy few free-improv kids many solo
  89. Jeu Des Moutons algorithm classic cooperative few low-mid many memory no-props rhythm solo
  90. JNWWR37 acapella classic easy many no-props words
  91. Keychange Game classic cooptional dice few high-mid in-genre simple
  92. Leading And Guiding acapella classic cooperative easy listen many no-props simple spatial
  93. Leading by a Sound classic cooperative easy many no-props spatial
  94. LH158 Set Strategy Rite cooptional few low-mid no-props
  95. LH159 Pop Rite algorithm app cooperative dance easy few gestures listen solo words
  96. Lighting Piece
  97. Loop Cycle cooperative free-improv loop no-props rhythm
  98. Magic Music classic cooptional free-improv guess in-genre listen low-mid many no-props simple spatial
  99. Mating Game classic cooperative easy free-improv guess inspire-cards interpret listen many narrative no-props role-play spatial timed
  100. Matthew Lee Knowles, 100 Events, no 35 acapella algorithm cooptional easy few many no-props
  101. Matthew Lee Knowles, 100 Events, no 39 algorithm easy few no-props simple solo
  102. Melody-Go-Round easy kids quick rhythm
  103. Modulo Game algorithm competitive conducting gestures hard many memory no-props rhythm
  104. Mood Guessing cooperative free-improv guess high-mid interpret many quick timed
  105. Motive
  106. Movement for Ears / Rumble Ball / Body Conductor / Dance Conducting easy
  107. MPIR106 classic constellations easy
  108. MPNR21 classic cooperative easy free-improv many spatial
  109. MPR109 classic constellations easy free-improv many simple timed
  110. MPSACR142 acapella classic cooperative easy no-props solo
  111. MSCR108 acapella classic many words
  112. Musical Brouhaha acapella easy inspire-cards interpret kids many props spatial teams
  113. Musical Chairs classic competitive constellations easy kids listen many simple spatial
  114. Musical Dixit board cards classic competitive constellations easy guess inspire-cards interpret many props
  115. Musical Tetris cooperative few high-mid insert loop no-props quick rhythm
  116. Musical Tetris, lvl 1 cooptional easy few insert loop no-props quick rhythm simple
  117. Mutual Prescriptions series cooptional dimensions events gestures high-mid no-props
  118. Names & Body Percussion classic few loop low-mid many no-props
  119. Nightlife of Machines algorithm conducting cooperative dice few gestures hard in-genre insert loop minimal no-props rhythm tonal
  120. One Round Together cooperative easy few free-improv inspire-cards interpret listen many
  121. Opus 25
  122. Opus 27
  123. Organic Music
  124. Patch Exchange app cooptional few keyboard low-mid
  125. PDIR3 classic free-improv many
  126. Perception 4 cooptional few hard no-props quick
  127. Piece for Any Number of Vocalists
  128. Polyfill algorithm cooperative few hard no-props rhythm
  129. Possible Flux Performance or Postfluxgame
  130. Progressions cooperative high-mid listen no-props
  131. P-S-Rock free-improv gestures listen low-mid teams
  132. Quotas competitive few in-genre memory no-props
  133. Rainbow No.2 for Orchestra
  134. Rhythm Ball found high-mid loop many props rhythm spatial teams timed
  135. Rhythmic Breathing classic cooperative easy few loop many no-props rhythm
  136. Room Score conducting cooperative easy free-improv gestures interpret kids no-props quick spatial
  137. Rotary Jam classic cooptional free-improv in-genre low-mid many no-props
  138. RSIRNT101 classic free-improv props words
  139. Rubber Kip algorithm classic gestures low-mid many no-props rhythm speeding-up words
  140. Run
  141. Running Cues cards cooptional cue-cards free-improv low-mid simple spatial
  142. Sea-game game board classic cooperative few free-improv low-mid
  143. Shogi Composition classic cooperative drawing few loop low-mid many
  144. Shuffled Cues cards classic cooptional cue-cards easy free-improv many simple
  145. Signals Game classic conducting cooptional gestures low-mid many no-props rhythm
  146. Snippets easy few in-genre listen
  147. Song Association (game/mechanic) acapella classic competitive easy few guess in-genre memory no-props simple solo timed tonal words
  148. Song of Uncertain Length
  149. Sound Collage Game Board board low-mid
  150. SS155 Willy Nilly easy few no-props role-play solo words
  151. Staircase acapella cooperative few high-mid no-props quick tonal
  152. Stamp Clap Name classic many no-props rhythm words
  153. Stay In Character cards cooperative few free-improv role-play solo timed
  154. Step In / The Echoing Well classic cooperative easy gestures kids many no-props rhythm spatial
  155. Stones classic easy few found preparation
  156. Symphony No.3, Fluxversion 1
  157. SyndaKit algorithm classic hard minimal rhythm score tonal
  158. Ten Arrangements for Five Performers
  159. Textmusic 3 cards classic cooperative events few free-improv low-mid many random
  160. Textures cooperative few free-improv low-mid no-props
  161. The Audition competitive conducting constellations free-improv solo timed
  162. The Freemasons conducting free-improv interpret low-mid many props role-play spatial timed
  163. The Impersonator conducting easy guess interpret spatial
  164. The Ping Pong Ball classic cooperative low-mid many no-props role-play spatial
  165. The Rhythm Mill few low-mid many no-props rhythm solo
  166. The Yell acapella classic few low-mid many no-props rhythm words
  167. This Instrument is Not What it Seems cooptional easy few free-improv guess interpret kids quick
  168. Three-note Jam cooperative dice easy few in-genre many simple tonal
  169. TMCR39 cards classic cooptional easy few many
  170. Tonic: The Card & Dice Game for Musicians
  171. Trading Fours Battle competitive hard in-genre insert solo
  172. Travel Routes board cooperative events few free-improv high-mid many no-props
  173. Trigger Cards cards cooptional events in-genre low-mid
  174. Two-chord Jam / Six-note Jam
  175. Two-headed Soloist cooptional hard in-genre insert no-props rhythm tonal
  176. Volume Waves cooptional dimensions easy free-improv many no-props
  177. Where Are We? ambient cooperative guess low-mid spatial timed
  178. Whoop Event
  179. Winking Murderer: The Musical cards easy guess props
  180. You Made Your Bed ambient cooperative few found props
  181. Zip Zop Zap acapella classic competitive gestures low-mid many no-props rhythm
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